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  Good question. I'll probably wear it with jeans mostly.    I think a lot of shirts I have will go good with it.
  I thrifted a black one last spring and I need to get it altered a little so I can wear it.
  Hate to tell you this, HF but it's Thursday...  
  Awesome photo and great fit! I stayed in Vienna one weekend when I was stationed in Germany. Little did I know it might have been the only time in my life I could visit the place.
  Doesn't look too short to me.    Nice fit- yeah, it's a little Spoo-like.    Maybe some people might do this but if someone's fit looks close to "perfect" (whatever that is) I just think "Wow, that's nice/cool!" and I might get inspired by it.
   Jeans + tweed sport jackets = good.
  I don't see anything at all wrong with wearing a tie to a movie if that's what you feel like wearing at that time. A lot of guys really like the ties they have and this is their main hobby so why not wear it in your free time as well as at work. We enjoy wearing our clothes!    Don'y worry about other people's negativity.    Ties do feel tight around my neck at first but when I want to wear one I get past that. I especially like wearing bowties now and then. I may start...
 The jacket looks too short and you should button your shirt and tighten the tie if you're going to post pics. Looks pretty sloppy.
  Haha...exactly what does that mean anyway?
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