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  Where do you buy your clothes, Stitch? (Since I live near Balto)
Good Guys?
You look OK most of the time. No real trainwrecks I can recall. BTW- did you change your username and why if you did?You know, the thought that just came into my mind when reading your post is that a lot of it is pretty much fashion modeling. Maybe not really "fashion" but it is kind of amateur clothing photography. A lot of the success really comes from your body and how attractive it is/isn't to any one viewer.
  Got's to be one of the most well dressed men in Balto!
  HF: So this style of dressing is opposed to a 3 piece suit with the vest and sport jacket, eh? I never really noticed many people doing that before. I like it though. May try it myself.
  I quit cigs about 19 years ago so good job! Terrible waste of money those cigarettes!  I quit alcohol over a month ago. That was quite a bit harder for me.
  Just think if I would've shown up!     I thought the guys looked pretty snazzy. I think a future DC meet-up has potential of being one of the best yet.  Food for thought though: A Baltimore Meet-up would be easier parking and traffic-wise, just saying. The rush hour traffic around DC is horrendous.
  I rented a car this weekend cause I went on a long trip to go fishing at Cape Cod, Mass. I slept when I got back and the car was parked outside my window. At about 4:30 in the morning I hear some car's horn blaring and see lights flashing in the window. I thought to myself "I hope whoever owns that car turns those things off". After a minute I sit up and look out the window and see that it's the car I rented doing that. The key with the alarm button is sitting on a night...
 I found an awesome Harris Tweed jacket yesterday at a local Goodwill for nine bucks. I think it fits me perfectly! I may have to get the sleeves altered a bit but otherwise it fits nicely. It smelled kind of stale but I'm also getting it drycleaned this week. It may be a candidate for the "Fabrique" treatment too. I put it in the freezer overnight to get rid of any critters that may have been in the fabric.    It's a dark brown tweed with a subtle windowpane pattern in...
  I have some white shirts with stripes on them that I think would look good and as he said, a white BD would work also. I need to get it back from the tailor so I can try out different things with it.  It is a little heavy so i'll also have to wait until it cools down more.  Maybe you can post pics with yours so you can give us all ideas.
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