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 Looks good but maybe some nicer jeans would make it look better.  I dig the madras/tan jacket combos you put together.   I have neither at the moment.
       Should've worn it buttoned up and with a tie then not said anything about where you bought it.    I have an off-white and a black sport coat from Penny's that I wear to clubs etc. The off-white is light and I wore it last Friday evening when the temp was almost 100 degrees out. The women think it looks good and they don't care where I bought it or how much it cost.    Once again... 
     I worked down there one summer. I don't see how you can wear suits or even a sport coat in that heat.    I never see them where I work (military base) and usually when I do wear a sport coat with a pocket square (going out at night)  I'm the only one.    I like that. It helps me "stand out". One female told me as much.
   Let's see...under your name it says "spooning DerekS" and you post this comment.    I gotta ask...what does this mean?  
 It's black and white.      You either look good or you don't.
 Good luck and keep posting!    If it's hot as I think it is down there I don't know how you can wear a 3 piece suit without getting soaked with sweat.    +1. 
   I'd say that would be a fair estimate...
   That would depend on how he wears it.
 I dig the ones in the bottom pix. Details?
   Never had anyone tell me that a PS I've worn looks ridiculous or bad. Most of the time they go out of their way to let me know they approve- especially the females.
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