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     I worked down there one summer. I don't see how you can wear suits or even a sport coat in that heat.    I never see them where I work (military base) and usually when I do wear a sport coat with a pocket square (going out at night)  I'm the only one.    I like that. It helps me "stand out". One female told me as much.
   Let's see...under your name it says "spooning DerekS" and you post this comment.    I gotta ask...what does this mean?  
 It's black and white.      You either look good or you don't.
 Good luck and keep posting!    If it's hot as I think it is down there I don't know how you can wear a 3 piece suit without getting soaked with sweat.    +1. 
   I'd say that would be a fair estimate...
   That would depend on how he wears it.
 I dig the ones in the bottom pix. Details?
   Never had anyone tell me that a PS I've worn looks ridiculous or bad. Most of the time they go out of their way to let me know they approve- especially the females.
 Hey, you're one of the coolest guys on this forum. Along with Spoo, Tiralluer, Holdfast and LabelKing as far as posting good pics goes.
 Cool jacket! Where'd you get it etc?    Looks to me like it fits good except the sleeves could show a bit of shirtsleeve. A white shirt work look better or perhaps light pink (they don't like black shirts on this forum). The jacket sleeve buttons need to be buttoned. I think lighter color trousers would look better also. White PS and real flower instead of the lapel pin.    Maybe a bow tie?      PS: "Be gentle"? You may have come to the wrong place for that.
New Posts  All Forums: