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[quote name="clarinetplayer" url="/t/234255/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iii/66780#post_6805393" [[SPOILER]] Another day of non-stop speaking.[/quote]Nice soot!
 I found a dark green sport coat at a Goodwill. I need to get it dry cleaned and pressed. I think it'll go good with jeans.
Stitch: Needs a PS.
  Cool overcoat!
   Stitch: Kent Wang?  Welcome to the dark side...
  Where do you buy your clothes, Stitch? (Since I live near Balto)
Good Guys?
You look OK most of the time. No real trainwrecks I can recall. BTW- did you change your username and why if you did?You know, the thought that just came into my mind when reading your post is that a lot of it is pretty much fashion modeling. Maybe not really "fashion" but it is kind of amateur clothing photography. A lot of the success really comes from your body and how attractive it is/isn't to any one viewer.
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