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I have a tailor at a military base who does a great job. I'm going to lose her though in the near future cause I have to relocate because of work.
Glad to see you back posting again, Vic!  I was just rereading your first posts in the old WAYWRN thread this last week and wondered if you would ever post again.
POP-you've been one of the most impressive posters I've seen since I started trying to catch up. I didn't follow the forum for about a year. Kinda taking over for Spoo!
    Three of my favorite posters still keeping up their high standards!
 No...I'm not going to say it...     
 I bet they would around here.  BTW- I also think NOBD looks great when he posts his SC & jeans pics.
  Maybe you could try the "Spoo"?
  Post a fit pic.
  Yeah, I wear dark shirts with light colored sportcoats but I wouldn't post pics of them either.
 Nice jacket, man!
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