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Not to thread jack or anything, but I have some Aventus I can split right now.  Also have a bunch of other Creed frags, as well as some Tom Ford Private blends.   Feel free to ask me any questions about it  
looks like the prices went up.  hope you ordered already
you looking at any other potential creed splits?
I know I'm new here, but I also have a bunch of Aventus I'd be willing to split if people are interested and the OP is out.  Just send me a pm  
I just got a gray John Varvatos suit and vest for right around $200 from Nordstrom.  Pretty happy with that
Just got some Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille & Noir de Noir.   Probably going to rock one of those tonight.  I got the big bottles, so I better like them lol
Probably going to use some Creed Millesime Imperial today.   Can't wait for my Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille to come in the mail tomorrow
hi everyone.  new here.  just started really getting into clothes and other accessories (watches, cologne, etc) as of late.  hope I can learn more and contribute here
I'm gonna be rocking some Creed Aventus today
this looks awful.  what's up with the guys voice?
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