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I like Dries ss2013 collection, it has many interesting pieces I'd wear as well
Dries, KVA, Jil, Raf and Marni. I don't bother paying attention to the other designers.
  this shit is awful, i don't care who makes it
agreed. everything is not for everyone. although cos is superior compared to the other high street stores such as jcrew.
sq4you not good, your fits used to be good but this is just awful
    yes to Sandro blouson and no to MMM oxfords. actually I was going to buy Sandro blouson but bought Dries instead. :) it has a RiRi two-way zipper and fits me better.
I like cos because it is not wear it once stuff but it is relatively affordable. The simplicity kind of reminds me of Jil Sander. I'm very much surprised why it is not more popular here
I'd still want Raf hi-top velcros.   
  Meermin derby   Svensson poster
New Posts  All Forums: