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Roger...great tie there!  richard10
bbigboysdontcryy...I love the db coat, great fit.  richard10
Hey Don...that guy standing next to you looks just like you, didn't know you had a twin brother.  Great looking outfit my friend.  richard10
Great look Don...outstanding!!!  richard10
Victor...You're a fine example of what a true gentleman of top drawer class is all about.  There are several on here with those fine qualities, however, there are also those that show their jealousies with their rude comments.  It's a real shame that today's society does not have more gentlemen as yourself and some of the others on here.  You have great taste in clothing, how to but them together, and wear them well.  
Timotune...Great look, and don't take the rude comment to heart.  Take it as a compliment...some people like big heads!  Your pic always look sharp. 
Kaplan...What a good fit.  Very tailored.  Is that the steps to your castle?   Good picture. richard10 
Citan1145...Love this jacket, you did a gerat job matching the shirt & tie.  Good combination with the pants & shoes.  GOOD LOOK!!!  richard10
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