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and the last one i have   ys 2000 realy cool stuff. :-)  
yy 2000  
here we go again.   yy fw 99/00   pics are very big!  have fun! !
good that i keep the important things in my closet. forgot it but found it again.   yy fw 98/99      
somebody can send me am pm or a link how to post multiple pics or best multiple spoiler pics? i dont get it.
i found some old catalogues of yohji. at this time he was more generous with advertising stuff. this year i have seen nothing at the flagship store in tokyo. :-(   yy fw 98/99 yy fw 99/00 yy spring 99 yy spring 2000 y's for men 2000   i dont no if there are already posted. if someone is interested i could take some pics.
i have a lot of just dry cleaning items and i wash them all. (except jackets and suits of course) but there is no guarantee that it will survive but only one item does not in all the years. it was a 100% cotton shirt with wrinkles. the wrinkles went away and the fabric becomes brittle after washing a view times.   but for all stuff is important wash gentle and cold or max 30 degrees and if you use a washing machine without or very little spinning (hope this is the right...
really want that in size 4. any idea what season this was?
    one jacket is here to find. if someone is interested. :-)   http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h162681873
thx for the info. i will try it out with a cheaper item. lets see. i never bought something like this online.
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