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i am 190 cm tall and chest is 103 cm.  sorry i always forget how to convert to inch or whatever you use with " or ' i am a metric guy.
    yes unfortunately its to small for me. just on shoulders not on length. (to much gym) :-)   they are quit small. even a bit smaller than a normal 3 i think.   the t-shirts and the vest fit me. not loose but ok and they are size 3
        thanx. if the y! buys would ever fit me well........ yes but i have to b(uy)e carefull because some items did not fit me. (the blue ss12 shirt i try to sell for example) just a bit too small.   but its nice to get it at a cheaper price compared to the stores.   its not the very long shirt. i have seen the extra long shirt just in red but wanted to get a more quieter color.
my first purchases of y! i am satisfied with. nothing special just shirts and a vest but i really like the patterns of  ss12.          
    really nice shirt!   i have a similar one in very dark blue yyph shirt in 100% ramie with a black cotton body lining. i realy like this shirt.    
there are 2 or 3 on yahoo right now. all in the 30.000.- range or above.
  i can recomend the combination of miyake and yohji. some items blend very well together. at least the older miyake stuff and for sure the wrinkled shirts. i would buy the one you found on rakuten. i have some shirts of miyake - the oldest one is more than 20 years old and i wore it often and it still look like new. unbreakable polyester stuff. i love it to wear. really relaxing. wash it, dry it for 2 hours and you can wear it again. no ironing needed.   i have some...
somebody still like flowers?   nobody wants my nice blue yyph shirt? bought it from anji_timu and compared to the original price and even what i payed its quit cheap now.  
when i was there.    
wow. not particulary cheap i think.
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