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Yohji Yamamoto SS12 Long Sleeve T-Shirt   Good Condition   Length (measured from Shoulder) 23,2" Shoulder 22"   i am 6'4" and its just an inch too short for me.
yes there are big differences in sizes but as far as my experience goes its never wrong to size up but mostly wrong to size down. especially for trousers.   i am 6'4" and i wear trousers from size 2 (older stuff) to size 4. i like the huge oversize fit. so size 4 is normaly the way to go.
i sell a used yohji yamamoto black wide gabardine wool trouser. its a fine wooven gabardine wool fabrik.   very wide leg.   waist 33,4'   leg with 30'   length 44'   used but good condition. would not sell it but its unfortunately a bit too small for me.
  recently i searched for a black yohji trouser in my closet and took the first i found and i thought wow, why i did not wear it more often? than i saw its the suit trouser i sold to benesyd.   sometimes its hard to let things go.
just have a look at fromjapan but looks a bit complicated.   any other recommendations for a proxy except suto or sharpservice?
for the colorful guy. :-)   http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e128117752#enlargeimg    
interesting piece on y! and not expensive.
thank you very much!   i did a quick google search but cant find a shop that stock grinders. is it internet only?   i was serching for moma shoes and found in the shop shoto shoes wich have a quit wide cut. http://www.shotoshoes.com/ a bit more expensive but nice shoes i think.   wolverine 1000 miles lookes nice too. :-)
  i like both the more casual look and the rugged military look. price is not the important point as long as they really fit me well.   i tried dr martens on yesterday but the model i tried on was too tight. but i liked the look. unfortunately they are not that easy to get where i live. just 1 model available. i have about 7 pair y3s and they are the shoes i wear most when i wear yohji but i like this military rugged look too.   i will try out the moma shoes. i like the...
do anybody know nice shoes to wear with yohji with a wider fit? most of the shoes i like are to tight for me. the insoles should be removable because i need special ones.   i tried some redwings but my feets will die until they fit me well. they are just too stiff. any ideas?
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