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Yohji Yamamoto cropped Trouser SS12 sz 3   for me a bit to short. ( i dont like that cropped trousers)   it will fit every real 3 or 4 and even 2 in yohji universe.   http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r94809821   waist about 88cm length about 86 cm
Dolce & Gabbana Gold Shirt size 42 or 16,5.   very well made.   worn just once about 2 hours.   like new.   87% cotton 13% silk   bought it at the flagship for about € 300.-
cool that you like the trouser. fit you great. :-) wanted to ask today wheter you got it or not. @ david. i have one y's wool gab trouser with pressed line and i bought it new like that.
  oh! you really need my belt.     i wear  size 5 yyph which are about 4inch on the waist too big for me with a belt and it looks good.
    size 2 should fit you. if you like it have a look for the y's trousers. usually there are 1 or 2 sizes smaller than yyph.
Yohji Yamamoto homme black Leather Belt   total length 109 cm just the leather 97 cm   would work for a size 3   not very often worn. good condition.
aoyama flagship is very nice. yesterday i found this   http://www.facebook.com/YOHJIYAMAMOTO.SHINJUKUMARUIMEN?ref=ts&fref=ts   it should be in shinjuku. looks very nice and big.   i am always suprised how many different items they carry. its amazing!
but thats rare with youhji clothes. i did not see any of this. only one can do this better. cdc. i saw a parka with leather inserts and was interested but the label says no washing and no dry cleaning. i asked the sales guy and he told me that they asked and the answer was that in case you need to clean it - a winter parka! - you have to remove all the leather inserts!.   so you have to disassemble the whole parka to clean it. thats cool.   after this i always have a...
i sell prada sneakers 2 times worn. very good condition.   outsole 11,8" width 4,3"    bought new at € 300.-  now € 90.-
  so i am not the only one searching for one in a size 4!??    bad luck that i didnt know gilt at this time.
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