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Yohji Yamamoto Cardigan. very thick and heavy. very nice color. very good condition!   54 cm shoulder 60 cm body width 66 cm arm length
Yohji Yamamoto black wide leg Wool Trouser. very nice pleated. drapes nice. size 4   100% wool   46 cm waist 37 cm leg width (widest) 27 leg width (end) 105 cm length
i will ask my girlfriend to take a pic of me  
Classic Issey Miyake Shirt in size M   arm length (measured from collar) 77 cm   width 62 cm   length 76 cm
Y's Yohji Yamamoto Pinstripe Trouser.   Its to small for me. so i let it go. it will suit a size 3 perfectly.   waist 47 cm length 101,5 cm leg width 31 cm
omg. this is what i would call a nice haul.  
Yohji Yamamoto Wallet new never used. with original packaging.   very nice with lots of space for cards.   160.- plus shipping.
just because we had a "fake" or not debate here lately.   i think i found one. :-)   http://www.ebay.at/itm/Yohji-Yamamoto-Pour-Homme-Camouflage-Shirt-/130898123950?pt=US_CSA_MC_Shirts&hash=item1e7a22dcae   somebody tempted to buy this beauty? ;-)  
    david, this is one of your best if not your best fit! :-) looks really nice.
Yohji Yamamoto ss12 light black long jacket with a very nice pleated back.   even it says its size 4 its too tight for me. its best for a slim 4 or regular 3.   shoulder 47 cm arm length 58 cm length 82 cm.   as you can see on the pictures it has some small holes. they are visible but not that much. i would wear it as it is but sure you can fix it.
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