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What is this style of hat called? I'm looking for something to wear in colder months (specifically rain and snow) with a smaller brim. I have a straw trilby I wear in summer to the beach and vacation, and large brim hats don't look good on me IMO.Looks like a wool cadet / newsboy mix.
It's a full suit I just took a photo of the jacket. The other label says HKTJ it's a label for Hong Kong Tailor Jack, a small tailor and suit shop in Lower Manhattan.
First time posting in this thread.  All of these are for me:   JC Ludlow Cord Jacket       Suits:     Hickey Customized       Paul Stuart - this is 40R and Solid Navy Super 120 and fits perfectly     Burberry 40R       This last one - is this the good Savile Row?  It has functional sleeve buttons and says 100% cotton on the label but the suit is wool.  Shoulders fit but it needs a lot of waist suppression - worth the tailoring fees?      
I know nothing about the Zegna suit hierarchy.  Which line is this label from (and is it decent)?   http://oi48.tinypic.com/2ib24d3.jpg
Hi guys - I know nothing about the Zegna suit hierarchy.  What line is this label from?  
Hi guys - I know nothing about the Zegna suit hierarchy.   Which line does this label belong to?  
Espradilles Bracelets Denim jackets
New Posts  All Forums: