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I purchased a dark denim shirt, ben sherman brand, now after some help on what to wear with it.   I have never worn denim before (except jeans of course), and am 30 y.o. male.   here are some pics of the shirt, appreciate any help :)         this is the only link I could find of an image on the actual ben sherman site where they have the shirt modelled: http://www.bensherman.com.au/WebResources/Images/Manage/Lookbook//Big_images/221.jpg
Quick question, I have a charcoal suit which came with flat front pants, they are slim style pants, very slim at the bottom opening. They have a front crease down the front of each leg. It kinda interferes with the tongue/laces of the shoe and makes the pants sit a bit strange. Is there a rule or a reason that if a pair of pants came with the front crease it was made to be worn that way/or is there no issue to just simply iron the crease out of the front and either have...
Hi All I did a pretty extensive search on this but could not bring up the results I was looking for.   I just wanted to know, what are the ideal shoe type/s & styles to wear with jeans?   I will be the first to admit, when I am going to the shops or going to be doing a lot of walking, I have often been wearing jeans with my joggers/runners (like nike brand). From what I see that is a pretty big fashion fopar :-( !! Which is why I am on here trying to research...
damn, I just got them lengthened by 4cm, maybe it was the shoes I had on that made them gather so much in that photo, I'll try them with black shoes and see how they go. Before I had them altered they didn't look right either because they were too short.     Just wondering if anyone else had any feedback re: fit - the sleeves seem to not be fitting right in the photos, any thoughts?  
hey everyone, I'm 26, from Brisbane Australia, young professional looking to dress sharper and more professionally, and hope this site can help me achieve that :)
Hi All   First post here, this is an OTR Ben Sherman Kings Fit (slim fit) suit I bought, I am 6'1" and 85kg so quite tall & slim, which is challenging with clothing. This is a 40R, 36" pants, seems to fit quite well. I got the pants altered to a mid break. Does the jacket need any altering? How does it look? Shoes - I would normally be wearing black business/dress shoes but only had brown shoes for the photo,, so please ignore that component! I would say it is a...
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