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I'm looking for this jacket and a TOJ0 jacket, both in 48. Shipping to Canada. Not interested in other styles. Please PM me. Thanks!
i am suiting up my buddy and got him to buy a napoli suit in 42L. fits awesome, but sleeves are much too short (around 1.5 inches b/c of long ass arms). how much can the sleeves be lengthened on that thing? i think he'd be willing to add a button if that's necessary for the surgeon cuffs. if that's the case, what does a tailor usually charge for adding a button? Thanks!
not duties related, but regarding international shipping from UK to Canada, what's the cheapest method (trying to buy a jacket from a seller). Thanks.
Hey looking for a toj0, stock 48 in very good condition. Please PM. Shipping would be to Canada. Thanks!
Wish I'd seen that before it sold. Please PM haha!
SOLD Club Monaco Blue Suede Bomber, BNWT SOLD Size: Medium Measurements (*inches, tape measure shown in pictures) Pit-to-Pit = about 21 Shoulder = about 18.2 Shoulder to end of cuff = about 25.5 Length front (zipper) = 21.6 Length back (from bottom of collar) = 24.2 This jacket is brand new with tags and still has the paper around the zipper pulls. It has the typical shorter bomber fit (see fit picture from club monaco I included). I only tried it on after getting it...
Well that's only on select stuff that's regular price. Ain't nobody going to yoox to get 25% off regular yoox price. I'm guessing they'll have a general one for New Years.
I stand corrected. Always forget Quebec is part of Canada.
And he's from Toronto, with the highest within-country tax rate of 13%. Morals seem way too high for the styleforum sale alert thread.A retailer once marked down my CP's to the currency equivalent of about $30 I think. It was awesome.
last years sale started on nov 25, second drops (past 50%) were on dec 16. that is all.
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