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Hey fam, this is a long shot, but I have a pair of pristine condition Black Mids in 42 that I wore like twice for very short periods of time (dust bag, box, everything). I'd really like to trade them for the exact same shoes in white if anyone is interested.  I'll be posting some pics in a classified soon, but figured I'd put this out there. 
Haha the reason why the price is the same is because the jacket is so old balls that the dollar was probably almost at par when they listed it, and it wasn't one of those items that they took down and re-listed with another model/fit picture and updated the prices.
Fwiw, don't be concerned about it being from a previous season. Fit is more streamlined and quality is better with the made in turkey ones in my opinion. Everyone has their own two cents, but I have a lot of experience with the company/brand, and I personally think all these new jackets are pretty awful and wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole.
That jacket (the made in turkey one) has been around for ages and never gone on sale to my knowledge. I bought the hopsack one that came out in the same season and that was before I started law school lol. Four years later, I am articling after graduating from law school, and that jacket still remains at full price.Given that it's pretty expeez, I would have at least purchased during one of the "spend more get more" type promos.
Their boxes lol. I'm not spending $50 or whatever on some pod stand.I do have a big Ralph's Coffee tin from the NY polo store that I can toss them in loosely too. Good enough for me.
In the blog post they allude to the claim that this shoe pre-dated the Achilles low. Both seem to have hit mass market in 2004. But whatever, the CP Achilles low killed it anyways. That's like saying Doug Pitt saying he got his first commercial before Brad.
Another basic white sneaker for the mix is the Erik Schedin: Blog post for those who are interested:
Finally the 2015 CP hype dies down and y'all come around.
Very true. Also just noticed that they had their CPs in the sale (I think only 25% off or something) and removed them a couple hours later.
I just wish the zespas weren't so damn uncomfortable. YMMV, but might wanna grab an insole. Also, it's been mentioned before, but they smell like cocoa butter out of the box. It's lovely.
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