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As title says, I'm looking to trade this for a Filson briefcase/computer bag or sell it. I'd also be interested in making a deal on a Mismo briefcase. I got it last year and rarely use it anymore (since I also have the backpack and duffle). It is a used bag, but the canvas is still quite stiff and it deserves to get more use. One of the pictures is a stock pic from the internet, the others are mine. Shipping is not included in the price. Ships from Vancouver Canada and...
Haha but you've been asking about CP sales for the last 2 months
I almost bought barbour commander or a belstaff roadmaster earlier this year, but was turned off when I realized both are outsourced.
You having the same issues when doing it up as me? I had the exact same thoughts. Looks really nice undone with a tee under, but I wanted it to be a little more versatile than that. Even with oxfords under it was a little tight.
it was too relaxed and longer than i would like. this one fits me much better, but i'm just debating whether it's too small or not.
Alright, I have some bathroom pics and I'm looking for opinions (sorry for taking up room, I didn't know how to do the spoiler thing for pics). For me, this 48 fits much better than the baggier 50 I had. It's very snug, but I suppose that's what I was looking for. Looks just fine undone, but a little tight when done up (at least this is what I'm thinking). What do you think? I just received it and contemplating getting rid of it after trying it on a couple times, but I...
I have a TOJ Bball size 50 in awesome condition. I'd like to trade it for a size 48, but I might have to sell it given how hard these are to come by. Only a tiny bit of darkening around the inside near the bottom buttons (barely visible in the pictures) Measurements (basically spot on with TOJ's stock 50 measurements): P2P = about 21.7 inches Front length (bottom of collar down) = about 24.5 inches Back length (bottom of collar down) = about 26.5 inches Extra shipping...
Up for sale are 2 pairs (navy now sold, tan still available) Wing and Horns Westpoint Chinos in size 29. I picked these up from Roden Gray last year. Both have been well taken care, always folded nicely in the closet. I believe both were only washed once. Only selling because they don't fit me quite how I'd like them to. Fit pictures are from needsupply. There is a little wear around the belt loop on both (the navy a little moreso). the tan have a crotch button that fell...
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