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I would have thought "having a knock" carried a different meaning. Learn something new every day.
Except warehouse sales where you can find items from six seasons ago marked down 40-50%!
Thanks man looks like some dope couture
If they are black mids and the victim gets to keep for free I think i know someone who might be interested.
At checkout the "tax" is zero. they don't charge VAT as far as I know, but maybe I'm misinterpreting.
Ok thanks for the info. Maybe it's just the brands that I'm interested in. All only have about 1 item on sale and their SS lines are still full price.
Is this the "spring/summer sale" for Matches? Much of this has been on sale for a long time. Do they have another sale later on?
If anyone has any button up shirts in size medium (new condition), I'm looking for some in Vancouver Canada. I also am interested in some 29 skinny guys in a basic selvedge fabric, but without any elastine. Thanks!
PM me with what you have please. I am interested in slim or regular cuts in size medium. Shipping is to Vancouver Canada.
Hah slightly less because it's in Canadian dollars, but once you consider the currency conversion fees and possible shipping costs, yea...about the same as you could buy it for at Barney's retail
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