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Good observation, I'm 99% certain you're right. I've seen most of it in-store before, including stuff that never went on Roden's site, in the same sizes (like the gitman "jean pocket" shirt that was on grailed direct before).
Hi everyone, I need some help finding a nice pair of denim that is similar to the Nudie Thinn Finn in 100% cotton. A few years ago I used to wear Nudie thinn finn dry broken twill all of the time, mainly because they were nice and light, they wore in nicely, and they were both skinny and tapered at the calves. However, I decided I was getting too old for the big pockets and yellow weft, and wanted a more minimalist look. The best pair I've been able to find is the wings...
Please delete thread
Rooneyshop has the worst customer service I've come across.
Someone is flipping barbours on grailed now
Could get ugly if they send you an equestrian.
lol. black achilles mids.
I would have thought "having a knock" carried a different meaning. Learn something new every day.
Except warehouse sales where you can find items from six seasons ago marked down 40-50%!
Thanks man looks like some dope couture
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