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I have a TOJ Bball size 50 in awesome condition. I'd like to trade it for a size 48, but I might have to sell it given how hard these are to come by. Only a tiny bit of darkening around the inside near the bottom buttons (barely visible in the pictures) Measurements (basically spot on with TOJ's stock 50 measurements): P2P = about 21.7 inches Front length (bottom of collar down) = about 24.5 inches Back length (bottom of collar down) = about 26.5 inches Extra shipping...
Up for sale are 2 pairs (navy now sold, tan still available) Wing and Horns Westpoint Chinos in size 29. I picked these up from Roden Gray last year. Both have been well taken care, always folded nicely in the closet. I believe both were only washed once. Only selling because they don't fit me quite how I'd like them to. Fit pictures are from needsupply. There is a little wear around the belt loop on both (the navy a little moreso). the tan have a crotch button that fell...
Does anyone know how much it would cost to ship a leather jacket from UK to Canada via the cheapest method (I'm assuming Royal Mail)?
edit: didn't see you made the dollar conversion
Roden posted their sale 2 hrs ago and there are still large SNS starks hanging around. Styleforum stark market must be saturated.
I'm in Canada and no. I think a year ago roden had a pair of high tops that got marked down to $240 or something. Then the odd achilles summer edition that's been sitting on a gravity pope rack for 3 yrs at $250.
I've never seen achilles at $200 in the classic colors (white, black, grey). Navy are sometimes discounted more, but the Steven Alan price is a very good deal.
haha. your username.
*Edit: It sold out http://www.mrporter.com/product/399447 cheap private white vc polartec fleece bomber in large.
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