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In my opinion it takes the fun out of it, and probably doesn't increase your chances any to give everyone an alert at the same time.
Where to find sales on Dick Owens with the new crotch cut-outs?
Can anyone here comment on the shine of the oxford shirts and whether this goes away with time? I used to own the grey and the white, but ended up selling both before really washing them to any extent.  I'm not sure if this is a matter of the weave or something, but I definitely prefer a more matte finish (like you'd find on a Band of Outsiders or most Wolf v Goat). 
When the angels win the pennant 1286177145_005.gif
Email them and ask. You should probably check if they deduct Canadian VAT too.
Up for sale is a size 3, BNWT Band of Outsiders Light Blue Oxford. Amazing quality shirt, made in USA. Brand new with tags, and only tried on once (it is a tiny bit big). I'd attach photos of the actual shirt, but it's literally brand new and the same shirt on ssense (where it's selling for $295 CAD before tax) and the band of outsiders website (where it's selling for $235 USD before tax). Note that size 3 is sold out at both of these retailers. -Fits like most BoO...
Gilt has a good sale on tonight for what to wear to an outdoor BBQ. Short sleeve button-ups, polos, florals. Great stuff, timely sale.
Please let me know what you have available. Shipping is to Vancouver, Canada. Only looking for those tagged size 3 made in USA (I've experienced some difference in fit in the past). Thank you!
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