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haha! i was like "hey pretty dope outfit brother...scroll, scroll, scroll...wait what the f...?"
Thanks for that man. Sadly, I've come to realize the kake might not be for me. I go with small in most JE stuff and the small villain was as short as I'd like a hoodie to be. After checking measurements it looks like the kake is actually more cropped. Wish there was an oversized type of hoodie that wasn't cropped and draped down to about the crotch.  
Maybe I'm just seeing things, but on the right foot, toe next to the big toe is lookin kinda like my index finger...
I have one, but it doesn't work on Justin Bieber's trucker hat. 
Someone will have to comment and take pics of the oak when they get it. I have not entered the kake game, but i think i'll pick up a black one soon here, then maybe oak to follow. 
Let me know if you come across any Trump merch in the style of Kanye tour merch. A shirt that says "I feel like The Donald" would be worth its weight in gold. 
Haha EXACTLY! I've got a very athletic v-taper and w quite broad shoulders and a really slim waist. I tried that shirt on in small and looked like a woman. Like one of these homies from the Revive website...not chill 
Back to JE talk though. Did people generally go with a bigger size on those 100% cotton washed mercer tees or are they "supposed" to fit a bit slimmer (i.e. is that's how they should be worn)? 
I'm going to add to this quickly before the closet convo concludes and ask if anyone knows what hangers Wings and Horns and Haven use and where they can be purchased for reasonable consideration. 
I do the same, but the folding over the hanger method in that picture would definitely minimize stretching on heavier or more delicate sweaters. 
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