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Decent deals over at dope factory too last time I checked
I was really just being mischievous. I've worked enough clothing retail jobs to understand the relationship between customer spending patterns and level of customer service. There is certainly a lot of value in buying something full-pop and not having to wait for additional discounts, etc. Also, if you develop a good rapport this way it can actually lead to insider information on future sales haha. Also, I might have to get on your custom clothing plan @LA Guy. It's very...
that's where you lost me There are some good Veilance deals at Tres Bien. In fact, there are a few good finds there, just nothing I need right now. Does TBS do restocks on stuff from sale that gets returned like with Mr. Porter or can I stop checking back on this sale haha? 
I read this and was like "where does he think he's going to acquire 3 pairs of JE jeans for a grand after tax?". Then I realized you probably don't live in Canada. Haha man I hate this country's currency sometimes. 
http://tres-bien.com/arcteryx-veilance/monitor-coat-jacket-black Cheap monitor after the vat deduction! Someone pick it up
Should be, but you'll still get charged a brokerage fee and whatever your provincial taxes are. Also depends on whether or not the guy at the border gives enough shits to check the country of origin and/or if FB marks the country of origin properly.
I think they look pretty cool, and it's kind of refreshing to see a change-up from the super-slim-fit around the calf. The drop-crotch, slim calf look might be a little bit more flattering on @srizvi722 because his legs are mad skinny (don't worry bro, mine are too haha), but it could be getting to the point of being played out in my opinion.
Sorry, but where is the best place to look for a US proxy. Goruck has some bags on markdown, but shipping to Canada is $35 USD. After taxes, duties, etc, it definitely wouldn't be worthwhile. 
haha fossil watchhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LQenTID2jo
haha ya. mine is very slim fitting and then when i wear it open it looks pretty dope. the insulated monitor might just have a bit too much padding, but it still looks pretty cool worn open. when closed it's kind of noticeable where the down ends at the bottom (i.e. there's a horizontal break that's visible from the outside). i thought the idea of a year-round coat was cool at first, but life is too short to be wearing one coat all year round in my opinion, especially if it...
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