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Wasn't really referencing their handling of sales season commotion. Also, given that "sales season" has become an almost year-round event, I don't think any retailer can really rest on that excuse. 
Haven has the worst customer service of all time. Like Le Rayon Frais style customer service. Spend lots of money, spend little, doesn't matter.
Looks like they got some new band of outsiders. Oh wait...
That white Ervell parka and the Kanye fur bomber (only Kanye item I could actually wear) are both nice pieces at Opening Ceremony. 
Haha from what site? That's almost as bad as some US shops that restrict Canada Goose from coming back to Canada because of the "exotic" fur content.
Navy suede bomber. Haha I must have seen those Rick Owens sneakers in full size run right before everyone caught wind. Stupid sneakers before I knew they were still coveted, stupid sneakers after.
Weren't people pooping their pants over these Rick Owens sneakers like a year ago? Why are they still available? http://www.mrporter.com/en-ca/mens/rick_owens/panelled-leather-high-top-sneakers/565483?ppv=2
Does Caliroots still not deduct VAT when shipping out of EU? I noticed some UK stores still don't either. Can someone please explain this to me? What do they do with that money if they don't have to declare it? I feel like their model with the bleach blonde "almost dreadlocks" might be pocketing it.
I'm using my one Common Projects/GAT credit since I've never asked. I need 42.5's in the classic white GATs shipped to Canada (obviously a deal is always welcome). If anyone knows of stores carrying half sizes please PM me. I realized today I really wanted some and I'm sure the best place to buy would have been Tres Bien a couple of weeks ago. Thank you/sorry. 
That's what I figured. "New Lines" means the old stuff from what I understand. 
New Posts  All Forums: