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I don't agree. Lighter khakis are a fine pairing.
Did you see it in store? What makes you think Golden Bear? That price is out of bounds haha, but I suppose they also continue to drop a cashmere pyjama suit every year, so it's not that surprising. 
Ain't no tax at the sale. Even if there were, it would be 12%.
Is there any way a tailor could add room in the chest of a shirt. I'm assuming the answer is "no.", but I really like this thom browne piece, it just doesn't fit my boobies.
This argument won't end until someone finds white cp lows in 42/43 for $200.
It's a cool suit, but I'm thinking you will have to stow it away until next June. Unless you live somewhere really hot, I'm not sure that it's appropriate for fall.
I looked into it by calling customer service. Regular grant and wright are fused. Made in USA are half canvassed.
Fully canvassed or fully lined? From what I understand the made in USA are still half canvassed like the others, but they are fully lined.
I don't usually comment here, but I was looking to see if someone answered my question, then I read yours. That jacket is really bad. Too short, too tight, looks very cheap euro/overly modern. I'd be much more concerned about the jacket itself rather than the size (i.e. don't take this as a suggestion to buy the size up).Is that your filson bag in the background? If so, you should know better when it comes to quality haha. Finally, the jacket doesn't work with your rugged...
I'm not sure if there's info on this, but for the staple grant wool suits i) are they half canvassed? and ii) what's the quality of wool (S100, S120, etc.)? Thanks!
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