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I'm looking for a pair of Ace in 28/32 unaltered. No grey or black washes, but PM me if you have some vintage washe or raws. Long shot, but figured I'd post.
O dang they finally stopped being generous and adjusting prices to values that clearly weren't recognized at check out. Whoddah thunk it.
TIL: what debossing is, how it is different from embossing, and why it would have been incorrect for me to resort to using "embossing" to characterize what's going on on a CP shoe, because it's clearly debossing.
Damn. Welp, guess I'll need to wait for an End coupon to come along. I'm assuming they won't have any general coupons until like March for some spring promo?
Does acne ever give out coupons?'s that model. Less branding, nicer leather IMO. I'm in love.I specifically wanted the older model, so I'm happy I got a new one. Don't think I would have bought one of the new ones if it was my only option.
Anyone here invest in the cp leather goods (bags, wallets, etc.)? I just got ahold of one of the older backpack models in black and it is amazing. The newer ones are nice, but I don't like the Saffiano leather that's used on them (doesn't age as nicely), and the "common projects" name above the numbers is a bit uneccessary in my opinion. Hopefully they ditch the Saffiano for the next batch, because I wouldn't mind getting a black duffle to match.
I was being very generous with the amount of sarcasm in my post. I'm baffled at the last few pages of this thread.
This is really going to change how I buy my shoes from now on. Instead of going for a snug fit imma buy sneakers that are a bit long and have a little slip in the heal. That way I'll know they'll fit just right after I break them in. For all you guys that buy properly fitted shoes from the get-go...well....we will see who's laughing in 5 months.
...I'm not sure if stretching the shoe out more after breaking them in is going to make that heel lock in place. Haha, the logic just isn't there my friend.
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