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Haha EXACTLY! I've got a very athletic v-taper and w quite broad shoulders and a really slim waist. I tried that shirt on in small and looked like a woman. Like one of these homies from the Revive website...not chill 
Back to JE talk though. Did people generally go with a bigger size on those 100% cotton washed mercer tees or are they "supposed" to fit a bit slimmer (i.e. is that's how they should be worn)? 
I'm going to add to this quickly before the closet convo concludes and ask if anyone knows what hangers Wings and Horns and Haven use and where they can be purchased for reasonable consideration. 
I do the same, but the folding over the hanger method in that picture would definitely minimize stretching on heavier or more delicate sweaters. 
I have never seen this wizardry before. Thanks for that haha. 
Some of us don't like apple fritters. This one gave us something to get excited about.
Kind of related to this, I realized that ssense had different deals for Canadiana and US consumers this past season. There were like 5 John Elliott pieces that were about 50% off on the Canadian side, but when you switched shipping to US they were all full price. Same sizes/stock across the board. 
lol. I think the renters of the unit next to mine would get tired of hearing the Ghostbusters theme song every time I was in the mood to clean.
Buy a Dyson. You will get so much satisfaction from the first use when you get into those "hard to reach places" that your only regret will be not buying one years ago. 
Bump. PM with any questions.
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