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These are sold, sorry
Up for sale is an APC navy/white striped cotton shirt, size Medium. I purchased the shirt from Mr. Porter, and only wore it about 3 times (and not for very long periods at that). It is an awesome shirt, it just doesn't really suit the rest of my wardrobe. Some of the pictures are mine, others were found on the web. Measurements (*tape measurements visible in some of the pictures) pit-to-pit = about 20.5 inches shoulder-to-shoulder = about 17 inches shoulder to end to...
Some nice thom browne wingtips in size 11 http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/thom-browne-wingtip-brogue-502419948.html?index=0&cgid=men
I thought you were going to lead the Canadian yoox boycott!? You folded way too quickly.
    Sorry, I totally posted the wrong belt. The one that I have is only 1.1". Definitely not concerned about the width. It is actually a bit darker than the one in the pic. This is more representative of what the belt color is. (and again, the shoes are tan grenson stanley and tan bucks)   @an acute style, it's actually pretty similar to the one in your avatar, aside from the different buckle.
Is the following belt ok with both of the shoes here, or is it necessary to match colors more. I'm not looking for perfection. The belt is cheap and what I'm looking for even if it might not be the best color combo.  
Harris Tweed tote on Unionmade Gilt sale is very nice.
sorry to post more questions, but I'm looking at placing an order and I'd like to know:   1. Is the Indy 405 the "original model" of the indy boot, and is there any difference from the 403 aside from the leathers used (ie, same fit and last)? 2. Is there any reason why need supply wouldn't state "made in USA" on their product pages like they do for Wolverine? I'm pretty new to Alden, but I'm also quite positive that their products are ONLY made in the USA. Thank...
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