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I'm actually not buying any myself, and was just putting people in this thread on notice so they don't jump on a wrong size. Thanks for keeping everyone in check though...
This is false. Their boxes now convert a U.K. 8.5 to a US 9, EU 43. Not sure if this has always been the case.
On the topic of cps and zespas, more drops at centrecommercial and all sale is now at 50% off: Run, don't walk.
Haha k moving on...Maybe you didn't read my later post. TBH, if it took me until 2017 to buy my first pair of Achilles there'd be something to be said about liberating my wallet. However, I have about 8 pairs of cps, wings, zespas and schemes in sneaker rotation, and I am buying them to double up on a pair I already have, so I don't feel like too conservative waiting for something of a deal in Canada.
However, I will say that the Needsupply code is great for those "you're prolly not going to find these on a great deal" staples. I bought my Alden 403s with it a few years ago. Differences there were i) CAD was doing much better at the time, ii) my buddy got them from his P.O. box in the states (free shipping) and iii) Alden = NAFTA.
I'm a Canadian man! CBSA is not my friend. I'll wait for gpopes birthday sale. I'm getting them as a second pair to turn my current ones into beaters, so it's not a rush.
Honestly I'm looking for a second pair of white original Achilles lows in a common size. Never gonna happen. I'll just wait for a 10-15% storewide sale they're included in.
Chill guys, I just went straight to the store and was browsing. I swear I'm a nice person.
Not working on cps I'm not surprised, just sad.
And sort of on this note, La Garconne seems to be on a serious mission to make back some margins on their Band of Outsiders stock haha. Give it up already guys...
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