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Please let me know what you have available. Shipping is to Vancouver, Canada. Only looking for those tagged size 3 made in USA (I've experienced some difference in fit in the past). Thank you!
watch out for the Canadian VAT!
They're actually called "reps". It's a very noble profession.
Now everyone sees why we can't have k loop on styleforum.
I'm not sure if this is the most updated thread to be posting; however, I am curious whether or not changes are going to be made to the B&S to make it more user friendly in light of the direct competition that has arisen on the net (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention which site I'm referring to). I would much rather buy and sell stuff via styleforum and not have to deal with hypebeasts, but the functionality of the marketplace on here is far inferior in my opinion. It...
Raw APC New Cure in size 29. I've worn these about 5 times, but they just don't fit me properly. They've never been washed or altered and there's not much fading whatsoever. Some smudges on the right knee, but I think this is just a bit of dirt to be honest. They've been sitting in my closet for too long. Measurements are the same as any 29 New Cure (several websites can provide these). I did measure the waist in case it stretched out, but I don't think I wore them...
I don't agree. Lighter khakis are a fine pairing.
Did you see it in store? What makes you think Golden Bear? That price is out of bounds haha, but I suppose they also continue to drop a cashmere pyjama suit every year, so it's not that surprising. 
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