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Hmm. Still kinda blows for a MIUSA product.
Cruel. Haha but ya, I would size up in both of those tops that you have on brother. 
Mike about to lose it again
You might have to consider doing your own laundry. There is no J+E buy/sell thread unfortunately. 
Hender Schemehttp://www.idolbrooklyn.com/products/hender-scheme-small-campus-tote-bagLarge is on sale tooI think I win. My tote suggestion is the coolest. 
Lol this could not be any more tangential to John Elliot discussion. 
Obviously some of the styles are pretty tacky, but the basic leather definitely does add something to the aesthetic. And if I owned Ramones I might feel obliged to buy these fat laces. 
Anyone here invest in Aglit Italy shoelaces? I just came across these and now I'm like awwe shit do I have to buy $80 laces too now? 
I like shoes to fit snug and I wear 42 CP, 42.5 in the classic GATs. I'd suggest the 42 as well. Not sure about birdpoop/plastered fits and how they might differ. 
A 10.5 should grab these cool vans-lookin wings and horns x haven sneakers. I was thinking of buying them earlier, but after some Vancouver rain they would probably look like butt.
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