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I just wish the zespas weren't so damn uncomfortable. YMMV, but might wanna grab an insole. Also, it's been mentioned before, but they smell like cocoa butter out of the box. It's lovely.
Sounds complicated. Could also cause confusion if you're in a southern state where Sally is both your Mother and your Aunt. 
Lol. This guy knows his BEDMAS folks.
I've purchased from fwrd on several occasions, but this promo still makes me feel poor.
Yup, esp Justin, he's the GOAT. I also appreciate how Neighbour has stayed true to their brand/aesthetic over the years, unliked other Vancouver shops like Roden which seems to tailor their buys to whatever the flavour of the week happens to be.
Get yourself some gifts cards then buy some gift cards w those gift cards!
20% off unionmade giftcards with GIFTCARD20 I've always been interested to know how the awkward gift card discounts play out at brick and mortar stores when buddy in front of you in line buys a gift card first before making his purchase.
I didn't comment on selection. However, two items i bought at first markdown during the last sale that didn't sell out were brought back in this time at prices that were roughly $200 CAD higher.
yup, Ssense sale is bunk this season haha. I think they learned from S/S when they marked stuff down generously and then subsequently raised sale prices.
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