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This thread used to have more integrity than the Reddit FMF.
The marketplace on here has seen less action as of late because frankly it sucks in comparison to the alternative that is rising in popularity.
My proxy classified has been posted haha
Please pm me to work it out, thank you!
He's not saying the guy was behaving legitimately. But there was a service available which was apparently too pricy for your liking so you ratted him out (if it was free I'm guessing you wouldn't have). Now you want someone to proxy for you, but I'm assuming you're looking for something a little less costly.
haha take is eeeasssy.
Code begging for unique/one-time codes is different from asking for codes that apply for everyone. The latter is relevant to the sales thread, and for many retailers, it's the only way they offer sales promotions. FWIW, code begging > asking for deals on common projects or GATs
The best time to get really cheap CPs is when Park and Bond does their clearance sale. Everyone should just hold out for that.
Mostly reflected in the new arrivals. Grant linen suit jacket $50 more, the button ups $10 more, etc.
Club is pricing differently on the US and Canadian sites now. No longer throwing a bone to the Canadians with our garbage dollar. Sucks. 
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