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Thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully I'll get a decent price since it's probably the most staple piece. I'm sure most of the people in this thread already have it haha.
Hey JE fam. I've got a BNWT black hooded villain in size medium I'm looking to get rid of (located in Vancouver, Canada). Just doesn't fit me quite right. I'll probably post up a classified tonight, but pics, etc will just be stock because I only tried it on at home. 
I just got the BNWT Monitor coat (not down) that I purchased for $580 CAD and I gotta say it's the coolest jacket on earth haha. I did a lot of research, and I figure this was a pretty good price, no? It's one of the newer ones that came after they upped the retail price to $1100 CAD, so I hope I'm not missing something. 
Nah. But I once stole from my grandmother to buy some triple white ultra boosts and the xlarge x new era trucker hat that Bieber wears.
Why would I want something authentic when there's a replica on the market at a higher price point? Just wouldn't feel the same wearing em you know.
Persistently checking the above sales in search of a classic white/grey pair of GATs. Continue to get bombarded with birdpoop. Maybe I'll just buy the birdpoops and some paint thinner.
Has anyone on here capitalized on the PayPal free returns policy? I think you need to get an invite to the offer, but it covers your return costs for up to something like $30. I definitely would make use of it during sales season especially for shops overseas, but I'm interested to know if it's a big deal to submit a claim or if it's a relatively simple process. 
Sacai x Hender Scheme collab did NOT perform well this retail season haha. Would be interested to know how many of the boots/sandals actually sold at full retail.
Take 25% off of seasonal items over at Supply & Advise. Now those bros know customer service. 
Wasn't really referencing their handling of sales season commotion. Also, given that "sales season" has become an almost year-round event, I don't think any retailer can really rest on that excuse. 
New Posts  All Forums: