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Opinions on whether or not CM slim jeans stretch out? I already size down in their chinos pants, and I find the cords in particular stretch out a lot too. Edit: In response to the comment above, would expect all McNairy to have a goodyear welt
Novel question, but does anyone know what sort of hours TBS customer service operates on?
They had a rick owens preview on the mobile site and it was the first time i considered purchasing something with minimal intent of keeping it. The geobaskets and ramones (had ramones too at the time) were still there in a few sizes. But then i was like nah, that ain't me. 
Has anyone in canada been hit with duties after ordering from tres bein? And for the USA folks, do you guys email them about marking down? TIA
Edit: taken care of
Please let me know what you have. I'm looking for new BoO size 3's. Shipping is to Canada. Thank you!
Has ever contacted Corner about a Canadian site? It seems a bit strange they haven't opened one up yet, and I'd be interested to know if they intend to.
Interesting. http://www.conedenim.com/mills.html They are celebrating "100 years of partnership with Cone Mills Denim in North Carolina", which doesn't seem to actually exist anymore, buy buying from the cone mills in China or Mexico, and then making them in USA.
Size 29 in this exact jean is all that I'm looking for. Thanks though.
If anyone has a pair of these (size 29 and same fabric/color), please let me know. The wash I'm looking for is "raw indigo". Shipping would be to Canada. Thank you!
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