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I used it...granted that was like 4 yrs ago.
I would agree. Mine are the core midweight slims.
It's worth noting that the heavyweight sweats are some arctic grade stuff. I have midweight gear and I can't even wear it to the gym, because it's just too thick.Edit: I'm fully aware that my comment is an easy target for a "that's what she said" joke.
O no! And from what I've learned in this thread they are going to get even tighter the more they wear in!
And here I thought that we were all sizing up to get that optimal heel slip. Can't keep track.
Thank god that fall off of your bike didn't mangle your shoes! Jeans got torn up pretty good though.
Feathers could use some of the classic "Birdpoop" paint on em. Haven't seen this wizardry from MMM before. Discuss. 
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