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Even some 30% off stuff is final sale. Lame Mr. P.
tobias you are simply the worst. Please stop.
On the topic of suits, I really wish they didn't switch up the grant fit. Does anyone know if stores in Canada might still have the old "Grant Suit Jacket" in grey? I have the navy one already.
I like the messy sales thread better. Weeds out non-styleforum members that only drop in to raid the forum at the best times of year.
This thread used to have more integrity than the Reddit FMF.
The marketplace on here has seen less action as of late because frankly it sucks in comparison to the alternative that is rising in popularity.
My proxy classified has been posted haha
Please pm me to work it out, thank you!
He's not saying the guy was behaving legitimately. But there was a service available which was apparently too pricy for your liking so you ratted him out (if it was free I'm guessing you wouldn't have). Now you want someone to proxy for you, but I'm assuming you're looking for something a little less costly.
haha take is eeeasssy.
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