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YNOT makes some neat bags. Not really my steez, but a good quality bag w lifetime warranty. Made in Canada (prices in $CAD).  https://www.ynotmade.com/en/shop/?category=Duffel_Bags
Actually, check ssense right now. They have some on sale and you'd be able to scoop one at a good price with the Canadian dollar being in the toilet.
Roden gray in Vancouver went really big on them last season and it looks like they sold out mostly. Without even looking much, seems like End has them. I'm sure there are lots more.
No supreme. I'm out.Edit: On a more serious note though, have you checked out Larose caps? They make some nice ones, and many people really like the fit. On that note, I think fit is most important with caps, so I'm always concerned about ordering them since some store won't accept returns for hygienic reasons. Might wanna check out local shops where that is the case.
If you're suggesting they don't...they do.Achilles retro low fit a full size big for me in comparison to the original Achilles low.
Some CP x Geller Chelsea deals on therrrre. 
As the title says, I'd ideally like to just trade these for a white pair in great condition. I need size 42 and these are located in Vancouver Canada.  I've only worn them about 3 times for very short periods of time, and they come with laces, dust bag, box.  Thank you!
Hey fam, this is a long shot, but I have a pair of pristine condition Black Mids in 42 that I wore like twice for very short periods of time (dust bag, box, everything). I'd really like to trade them for the exact same shoes in white if anyone is interested.  I'll be posting some pics in a classified soon, but figured I'd put this out there. 
Haha the reason why the price is the same is because the jacket is so old balls that the dollar was probably almost at par when they listed it, and it wasn't one of those items that they took down and re-listed with another model/fit picture and updated the prices.
Fwiw, don't be concerned about it being from a previous season. Fit is more streamlined and quality is better with the made in turkey ones in my opinion. Everyone has their own two cents, but I have a lot of experience with the company/brand, and I personally think all these new jackets are pretty awful and wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole.
New Posts  All Forums: