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For those with Hender Schemes...how do you care for the leather? Any special cream I should put on em to keep them from drying up? Also, I'm a little concerned if I get caught in the rain one day (or the ground is wet following the rain) that wet pavement might seriously mash up that sole. Would it be ridiculous to put a topy on the heal and toe?
True Religion Ricky Pyramid studded? 
I agree. I think j crew sales can be nixed from this thread. That's what separates it from rfmf.
Stan! Did I use it right??
haha me too! and then when i came across the definition i giggled to myself and was like "yea i guess he is a bit of a stan".
I wouldn't bet my grandmothers pearls on the conspiracy that they were heavily influenced by wings and horns...however, the flannel did remind me of the old maroon/black wings and horns flannel.
And what location?
Haha touché. More reasonable then. I usually expect at least 20% on top.
Hmm. Still kinda blows for a MIUSA product.
Cruel. Haha but ya, I would size up in both of those tops that you have on brother. 
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