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haha that's still just the US rule. Keep dreaming my fellow Canuck. We still get hit with a $10 brokerage fee and ~20% taxes on a pair of $5 socks. 
The most amazing sample sale policy I've come across. Pat on the back to Dick.
Haha...mostly sarcastic. I do think they look awesome in the correct colorways though. Not to be worn as casually as JE is wearing them, but for a running sneaker or whatever the high sock is awesome. Not a fan of the new low version, nor the new shield version. 
No way bro. JE and JB have lunar epics. Can't be ugly.
Lunarepics are the best. The shoe that just never got hype traction for some reason haha. I got the wolf grey ones and it feels like you're walking on pillows.
I get the frustration, but come on man, imagine being a Canadian trying to buy decent clothes with this shit dollar and I'm sure you'll find some tolerance.
Did anyone go to the Gravity Pope warehouse sale? Would have mentioned it earlier, but they've honestly been so bad in recent years that they don't deserve any promotion. At one of the last ones I went to there was an SNS stark for like $300 "as is". Had a gigantic hole right on the chest.
RE: the CYC sale, if the extra 50% happens tomorrow can someone please warn a brother. Will go back for moar.
Does anyone know of something comparable to the Hender Scheme shoe cream that doesn't require me to sacrifice my first born to purchase it?
F&F used to be the best time to go, but not so much anymore. In the past, if something wasn't on the floor during F&F, it was low-key enough for them to take the time to go in the back and find it for you. Now F&F is more like "invite every hypebeast you know that isn't on-shift at Footlocker" and it's jam packed, so they don't do this. They restock stuff every day, and refuse to crack open the fresh boxes to grab sizes (a completely understandable practice). Having said...
New Posts  All Forums: