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Decided to part ways with this one. Suede TOJ Bball Tan in stock 50. See my sig. Thanks!
Hard to let this go, but I'm selling my suede TOJ Bball in tan stock 50 SOLD***. Purchased from another member on here (he bought it new). It was too small on him and he only wore it 5-10 times. I didn't wear it once outside of the house from the time I purchased it in April (it was a hot summer). So, in summary, this thing is in great condition! Price: $365 USD (paypal fees included) + Shipping (from BC, Canada) I'm only selling the jacket because it doesn't fit...
Not worth it. Just buy them.
common projects size 45 http://www.yoox.com/ca/44298903TM/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=44298903TM&sizeId=15
me too  
some stuff i've had in my dreambox just increased in price about 20%. is this common?
Can I get an opinion on wearing a worsted wool jacket (sharkskin with a bit of shine) with raw denim or chinos. Should this fabric be reserved for a suit? GQ and J Crew say otherwise, but I know there isn't much appreciation for either on this forum.
Hey I'm hoping I can get some help. What's the closest to a Jcrew Ludlow fit, but with a wider lapel (mainly looking for slim and lower button stance). I fit a 38R in Jcrew ludlow and wear the size 30 slim ludlow pants. Is there anything that would fit me right without having to do too much work to the pants? Looking for something in navy wool. Thanks!
When do they usually have the first discount on F/W items? Sorry if that's a dumb question, but some stuff has been on there for a really long time at yoox price.
If anyone got the gilcity voucher for onward reserve and hasn't been able to use it because their filson is out of stock, i'm looking to buy one. pm me.
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