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Shipping would be to BC, Canada. Thank you!
Up for sale is a Buzz Rickson zip-up sweater in size Medium, made in Japan. The fit is closer to a large small (typical of Japanese brands). I think I wore this out two times total. It doesn't really fit my body-type, but I loved the look of it and still do.    Canadian Shipping > add $10 USD CONUS Shipping > add $16 USD *sorry, no overseas shipping Thanks for looking and PM with any questions!
Perrrrfect, I'll hold out and maybe get a nice cream for my delicate lady hands. Ya the whole "sample grab bag" thing is a waste of time. Those tend to migrate from countertop, to drawer, to bag of random junk in the cupboard, to garbage.
Guyz where the Kiehl's discounts been lately? I know it's not clothing related, but it's been posted here a few times before and now that I actually need my Facial Fuel fix all I'm seeing is free shipping on $35+. Do they do Black Friday? Or sooner? Halp?
"Squeeze into a henley" - Makker
This. Plus the fact that most of the UK retailers I come across are usually notorious for terrible shipping costs to Canada and not deducting VAT.
I think on of either Mr. Porter or East Dane always charges duties on stuff like velva sheen and naked and famous even haha. It says something in their policy like "we don't recognize NAFTA when calculating your duties at checkout".
I'm not talking about the price I see on the USA website. While those might be inflated already, at checkout (or at the border) you get hit once again with duties/customs on European-made goods that are coming from the USA. So essentially I'm wondering how USA online companies (e.g. Eastdane selling an SNS Herning sweater or Mr. Porter selling some Lanvin Cap-toes) are going to adjust their practice of just lumping some 20-30% duty charge on all Canadian orders like they...
Ok, so I'm trying to figure out how this is actually going to affect my bank statement. There are a couple of things that I've been thinking of, and hoping that someone could comment on:1) I think it will be a cold day in hell before Canadian retailers actually start dropping prices on their EU made goods. Or at least to the extent that they are actually reflecting the change. So I'm more interested in my purchases from other countries.2) Purchases from Online EU Stores -...
Only pay 80% of the original price > only get 80% of the coupon hahaMy only justification
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