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Lane Crawford has extra 15% off sale. Some pretty cool items still on there.  http://www.lanecrawford.com/sale/?nav=men/brands/A-D
Haha memories of the proxy bro getting ratted out by the cheap bro last year
You need to quit whatever job you have and work at Club Monaco. I've never seen someone rep a company with such passion haha.
Re: Finding staple Alden's on discount, doesn't needsupply have a styleforum code? I bought mine with that like 2 yrs ago and I recall it being something like 15%. 
Just a general sale site that posted the deal in a thread
I saw on other forums that some people were being told it was an error for them to stack. But that email clearly said in the details the two could be combined.
Any Wednesday night orders with the stacked codes get shipping confirmation?
For those that are scoping out common projects, I'd highly recommend checking zespas out (for example, on nextdoor). I own a lot of high-end sneakers, and they are my favourite in terms of aesthetics and quality. Though I know the majority won't be persuaded. Edit: also, where can a Canadian dude get a pair of Nike huarache trainers in white on sale this weekend? I know...probably a question for the hypebeast forums
 Seriously y'all...just no, not during this sales insanity. There's another thread for customs/duties Q's. 
Except it was you always asking these questions last year IIRC...
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