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Kind of related to this, I realized that ssense had different deals for Canadiana and US consumers this past season. There were like 5 John Elliott pieces that were about 50% off on the Canadian side, but when you switched shipping to US they were all full price. Same sizes/stock across the board. 
lol. I think the renters of the unit next to mine would get tired of hearing the Ghostbusters theme song every time I was in the mood to clean.
Buy a Dyson. You will get so much satisfaction from the first use when you get into those "hard to reach places" that your only regret will be not buying one years ago. 
Bump. PM with any questions.
Just a word of caution for JE buyers, those are the only two pieces on on those sale racks haha
Decent deals over at dope factory too last time I checked
I was really just being mischievous. I've worked enough clothing retail jobs to understand the relationship between customer spending patterns and level of customer service. There is certainly a lot of value in buying something full-pop and not having to wait for additional discounts, etc. Also, if you develop a good rapport this way it can actually lead to insider information on future sales haha. Also, I might have to get on your custom clothing plan @LA Guy. It's very...
that's where you lost me There are some good Veilance deals at Tres Bien. In fact, there are a few good finds there, just nothing I need right now. Does TBS do restocks on stuff from sale that gets returned like with Mr. Porter or can I stop checking back on this sale haha? 
I read this and was like "where does he think he's going to acquire 3 pairs of JE jeans for a grand after tax?". Then I realized you probably don't live in Canada. Haha man I hate this country's currency sometimes. 
http://tres-bien.com/arcteryx-veilance/monitor-coat-jacket-black Cheap monitor after the vat deduction! Someone pick it up
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