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Let me know what you have via PM. Only looking for "like new" or new shirts. Shipping is to Canada. Thank you!
http://rodengray.com/shop/Burnished-Zip-Boot-men.html?variantid=12172&designer=true I'm no expert on these side zips, but this looks like a great deal with extra 10% off using "getgray". Maybe there's something about this model that people don't like?
Buy true to size. I size down for wings and horns westpoints, but if I would have sized down on those slim jeans they'd be painted on. In my experience, the waist won't stretch out unless it needs to accommodate your body because you bought too small.
He's talking about the TBS presale code that went out a couple weeks ago I think. And no, it didn't work on the classic CP styles, nor aldens.  
I'm guessing you didn't place your order? I would have picked up the shirt I wanted yesterday, but it just won't be happening with $50 in taxes on top.
Well I can say the customs will probably deter me from ever shopping there again. I'm not going to pay near retail for 2 season old product. I'm sure they don't care about my business, since I haven't made too many purchases from them. However, Ill bet there are lots of Canadians that will feel the same when they get to check out.
debticard, just increase the asking price on those Mr. Porter sale APC items you're flipping on eBay a little more. When you sell those and some more Supreme shit you can buy Visvim full price! *More lines added at End Clothing
I'm not "tryna" outplay anybody. I want to buy a shirt, and I'm just making the point that the little scheme that's been revealed is only useful if 1. the item you want is high enough in price, and 2. you think it's worthwhile to spend time shipping stuff back when you consider the restocking fees and possible additional shipping costs (depending on if your additional items push the order into a new shipping cost level)..."lol"
You still have to pay a $5 restocking fee for the ones you return, no?
Is there a reason why some international originals have black eyelets on the belt and collar, while others have the copper? (Jcrew vs. nordstrom shown here)    
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