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Does anyone know how much it would cost to ship a leather jacket from UK to Canada via the cheapest method (I'm assuming Royal Mail)?
edit: didn't see you made the dollar conversion
Roden posted their sale 2 hrs ago and there are still large SNS starks hanging around. Styleforum stark market must be saturated.
I'm in Canada and no. I think a year ago roden had a pair of high tops that got marked down to $240 or something. Then the odd achilles summer edition that's been sitting on a gravity pope rack for 3 yrs at $250.
I've never seen achilles at $200 in the classic colors (white, black, grey). Navy are sometimes discounted more, but the Steven Alan price is a very good deal.
haha. your username.
*Edit: It sold out http://www.mrporter.com/product/399447 cheap private white vc polartec fleece bomber in large.
I'm not sure if it's the case that people use acronyms like this sometimes to keep out lurkers, but even if that isn't the case, i think styleforum (especially this thread) could benefit from golden jimmy style membership fee like they have on the fuk.co.uk forums.That way sales wouldn't get cleared out within 10 minutes. Obviously purchases attributed to the thread don't have a huge impact, but they definitely do when it comes to the smaller niche stores.This opinion...
Just to clarify, this is indeed a fake moncler jacket that you are calling "monclar", correct? Seems to be the only logical explanation for the low price.  Thanks.
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