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Still looking for TOJ BBALL in a size 50 (i'm reguarly 48, but I understand they run a bit tight). Please message me with asking price including shipping to BC. Thanks!  
I bought the Alamo plaid in size 3. Not sure if it will work out, so let me know if you're interested
I'd say you're probably the opposite of SOL. I believe you can file a case on PayPal I if they don't want to correct the issue (pay for the shipping fees to and from), but I've never done it personally. It's not just an issue of fit, it's the wrong product altogether.
More markdowns on Forward. Band of Outsiders shirt for $90 less 10% is pretty good.  
Is anyone familiar with this Loft Design By... company? http://www.loftdesignby.com/en/homme.html When I was in Paris like 6 years ago it was closed, but I remember the store looking very cool. I'm going back in May and I might buy some things. Pretty nice, simple stuff, but I'm not sure of the quality.
Now I see it.
If things disappeared from the site and are not on the sample sale site (like entire F/W seasons of things, not just one item), is it pretty much gone for good? Where do clothes go to die after yoox?
That's terribile
Does anyone know where I can get cheap dust bags for shoes? Even better if I could get a separate bag for each shoe. I'm not looking for some $60 church's labelled bags, and "shoe dust bag" doesn't even need to be the intended purpose. Just small, cloth, pull string bags for traveling. Thanks in advance.
I agree with this. And since they are 100% cotton and a pretty sturdy fabric, they won't stretch to accommodate the thighs much if you slim down. amathew, if you want a skinnier fit in these, maybe superset them squats on your cut with some dumbell lunges and lean up those thighs on your cut!...then size down one
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