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I'm just joking around, but yes the shipping is a little much. Even though most products are made in USA, we'll still get dinged with taxes (acceptable) and then the customs processing fee of $10. So in the end, it has to be a significant purchase for me to justify those extra costs.I usually find like 2 shirts and then never end up purchasing because I can find them somewhere else for a better price when shipping is considered. But it's their prerogative what they want to...
I wish Unionmade didn't hate Canada, they have way better stuff than Mr. Porter this year.
^this was my exact plan. Thanks for the info.
Well that sucks because I bought some. Guess ill have to practice my Goodyear welding haha. Regardless, they'll be better than my current shitty weather shoes (chuck Taylors)
Does anyone know where I can find beeswax at a good price in canada? Just got my ll bean boots and they don't fit so I'm just going to wax up some Clark's for the rain instead.
i think only size 46
Good to know. Thanks! He's going to get a tailors opinion and see if there's anything that can be done that's not too drastic/won't look ridiculous.
Also looking for tan bball in size 48. Please PM me. Thank you!
I'm looking for this jacket and a TOJ0 jacket, both in 48. Shipping to Canada. Not interested in other styles. Please PM me. Thanks!
i am suiting up my buddy and got him to buy a napoli suit in 42L. fits awesome, but sleeves are much too short (around 1.5 inches b/c of long ass arms). how much can the sleeves be lengthened on that thing? i think he'd be willing to add a button if that's necessary for the surgeon cuffs. if that's the case, what does a tailor usually charge for adding a button? Thanks!
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