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It's a cool suit, but I'm thinking you will have to stow it away until next June. Unless you live somewhere really hot, I'm not sure that it's appropriate for fall.
I looked into it by calling customer service. Regular grant and wright are fused. Made in USA are half canvassed.
Fully canvassed or fully lined? From what I understand the made in USA are still half canvassed like the others, but they are fully lined.
I don't usually comment here, but I was looking to see if someone answered my question, then I read yours. That jacket is really bad. Too short, too tight, looks very cheap euro/overly modern. I'd be much more concerned about the jacket itself rather than the size (i.e. don't take this as a suggestion to buy the size up).Is that your filson bag in the background? If so, you should know better when it comes to quality haha. Finally, the jacket doesn't work with your rugged...
I'm not sure if there's info on this, but for the staple grant wool suits i) are they half canvassed? and ii) what's the quality of wool (S100, S120, etc.)? Thanks!
Up for sale is a Brand New with Tags Reigning Champ Twill Terry Pullover Hoodie in Black size Medium: http://shop.reigningchamp.com/collections/all/products/pullover-hoodie-black I didn't find it necessary to include my own pictures or measurements, as its brand new from the manufacturer and all measurements and details should be the same. The "core program" items don't really get included in sales, so save yourself some money and taxes by buying here. Price: $100 93...
A little while ago I remember seeing something about a new Ivy-League-prep style clothing company (it might have been in gq). The style was kind of like jcrew mixed with brooks bros, and it might have even had prep in the name or a university in the name like "Harvard prep" or something, but I'm really not sure. The clothes were from the house brand I believe (it wasn't just a reseller). Anyone know what the hell I'm talking about?
Sorry to bring this up again, but can someone with a sienna actually measure the lapel at widest point and LMK (black line in the pic).Thank you!
Does anyone have pics of a suit done in the Vancouver shop or by one of the traveling tailors recently? I'm considering picking up a premium navy since suit supply doesn't offer much with a slim lapel.
Does anyone know which cuts have the slimmest lapels, and also what those lapel measurements might be. I'm looking for something under 3. Sienna and Havana look slim, but it's hard to tell. Thanks!
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