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Hah slightly less because it's in Canadian dollars, but once you consider the currency conversion fees and possible shipping costs, yea...about the same as you could buy it for at Barney's retail
Border services worldwide have better things to do than browse the styleforum sale alert thread to see which retailers are marking down product man haha. I think you're a little paranoid.
IIRC the classic colorways of cp Achilles at ssense didn't go on sale initially, and when they did it was like 20% and they got cleared out quickly. Somehow that company moves product like crazy without discounting.
I am confused. They were 40% off on the corner and you were aware when they hit sale. Are you looking for a better deal than that?
When you started asking about black mid CPs I didn't even want them. After seeing so many of your posts looking for deals (which there have been several), I started to consider them. Last week I bought them from the corner. That's how long this has dragged on for. Just buy some...for the love of God.
Extra 30% off sale that is
Ha nice. Not my style, but that was a great price.
I'm pretty sure someone bought the louis w x apc white sleeve leather before the code expired. congratulations.
again with the ties
As title says, I'm looking to trade this for a Filson briefcase/computer bag or sell it. I'd also be interested in making a deal on a Mismo briefcase.  I got it last year and rarely use it anymore (since I also have the backpack and duffle). It is a used bag, but the canvas is still quite stiff and it deserves to get more use.   One of the pictures is a stock pic from the internet, the others are mine.   Shipping is not included in the price. Ships from Vancouver...
New Posts  All Forums: