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Do you receive monthly royalty cheques in the mail for being the inspiration behind Grumpy Cat?
No this thing I'm talking about was actually Woolrich brand.
Had a woolrich parka on really good sale at A&F a couple days ago. Must have sold out.
Ya the black kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion.
Haha there's been a select number of yeezy items that I've definitely been interested in when they hit sale. I also liked the duffle bag he made for season 1 despite the fact that it was imported.
Pretty much what I was thinking. If you're going to question a price:quality ratio then the subject matter should be something like yeezy season 3.
Haha what marketing? I don't really see them trying to push their sweaters on anybody. Also not asking for a lot for a quality made in Scotland sweater. If that answers your question...
@shoewizz here's the issue...you've come off as very confrontational to this point and been something of a nuisance. Even if you were successful in cornering @jet here to any extent, it wouldn't defeat the fact that you've proven yourself to be rather small and petty. You should really stop.
YNOT makes some neat bags. Not really my steez, but a good quality bag w lifetime warranty. Made in Canada (prices in $CAD).  https://www.ynotmade.com/en/shop/?category=Duffel_Bags
Actually, check ssense right now. They have some on sale and you'd be able to scoop one at a good price with the Canadian dollar being in the toilet.
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