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Stutterheims are awful. You should return before wearing one in the rain and getting the inevitable knee puddles. Unless you have rubber pants to go with it I suppose.
Dutil Denim has 20% off everything black with "BLACK20" nov 24-27. Sorry for not obliging by posting guidelines fam, I'm on my phone.
Why not what you wanted? Everyone and their dog has the normal CP chelseas. The gellers are way more slick in my opinion.
Maybe Understudy. They posted like 7 pages back.Edit: nvm, it's excluded
Starks have been outsourced for a while now
I wasn't sold on the idea either, but cute girl was like "oo try this, and it smells great too!" So I did, and I liked it, and I bought it. Plus, she was wearing a lab coat, so pretty sure she was a doctor. If there's one type of professional you can trust, it's a doctor.
Me? I'm chill as a cucumber. I already got my steals for the season. 1 Kiehls facial fuel and 1 Kiehls creme de corpse whipped body moisturier. 20% off. So moisturized RN.Edit: also, those Hender GATs/prestos on forward are a steal. Someone buy.
Ya I've always figured Nomad must have a pretty good representation in the local market to pump stuff out at the prices it does. Then when they mark stuff down like 20% it seems to get picked over very quickly.
I think Roden Gray is doing this as well. But in-store only, and 30%. Not my preferred typa sale haha.Edit: Having said that, this isn't the worst time of year to be receiving store credit.
Yes. It's always a gamble shipping stuff, but I try to avoid UPS and Fedex in general. At least if something is shipped USPS and converts to Canada Post it might not get caught, and when it does, I don't think they charge the $10 brokerage. If something is made in the USA then you might only get charged $10 brokerage and the 12% BC HST, but that's only if customs acknowledges the USA made tag or whatever. TL;DNR, incorporate $10 + 20% in every purchase before buying and...
New Posts  All Forums: