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Any Wednesday night orders with the stacked codes get shipping confirmation?
For those that are scoping out common projects, I'd highly recommend checking zespas out (for example, on nextdoor). I own a lot of high-end sneakers, and they are my favourite in terms of aesthetics and quality. Though I know the majority won't be persuaded. Edit: also, where can a Canadian dude get a pair of Nike huarache trainers in white on sale this weekend? I know...probably a question for the hypebeast forums
 Seriously y'all...just no, not during this sales insanity. There's another thread for customs/duties Q's. 
Except it was you always asking these questions last year IIRC...
question for y'all. i scraped my white CP lows that i've kept in stellar condition for 2 years (only because i like wearing them with blazers, so i use other shoes for beaters). its like a grey line on the side b/c it scraped the white leather. should i use some white out or nail polish or should i just accept it? opinions?
Do wool loafer/no-show socks for fall exist? If so, does anywhere sell packs at a reasonable price. I roll my pants and wear no-show 365, but I want to stock up on some thicker pairs.
The sweaty final sale coat. Sounds like a bad Seinfield episode.
Same with me. Was there earlier this week when they had lots, but honestly guys, that's a stupid pair of shoes.
Ralph Lauren $10K chandelier situation all over again hey guys?
The black on black is much nicer IMO. I also liked the black ones from a couple seasons ago with white sole and white toe cap, but not a fan of the recent ones you're talking about.
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