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Does anyone know which cuts have the slimmest lapels, and also what those lapel measurements might be. I'm looking for something under 3. Sienna and Havana look slim, but it's hard to tell. Thanks!
I'm looking for some of these in new condition, size BB1. Not really interested in any crazy patterns, but let me know what you have via private message please. Shipping is to Canada. Thank you!
Thanks! Ended up buying. I messaged mcnairy and they are full grain, not corrected either.
Sorry to bring it up again, but I'm still on the fence and wondering what type of leather is likely being used here. I'm not sure if mcnairy uses a full grain or if these might have even been treated. Any ideas?
Thanks! Ya, I know he just slaps his name on a sanders (which is why I'd never pay retail for mcnairys). At this point I'm just trying to decide if they work with my wardrobe I guess. For me they're kind of like an alternative to the thom browne black longwing, at a lower price, and less flashy.
I've never made a brooks bros purchase before, and the associates at my store seem pretty off-putting, but I'm wondering if they will generally bring in items online that are on sale or bring them in from other locations so you don't have to pay shipping fees. Thought I'd ask here before going in to ask. Edit: I'm in Canada if that makes a difference
It's kind of a SW&D shoe rather than a CM edward green or allen edmonds style, but I'm wondering if I should buy these Mcnairy's new from a friend. Any opinions on the quality of the leather? What type of care does pebblegrain need? His have a basic stacked leather sole. http://www.inventorymagazine.com/updates/mark-mcnairy-ridgeway-long-wing.html
$10 Brokerage plus shipping, sorry. Just not worth it for one or two more tees.
Would have bought some more todd Snyder champion, but I didn't want to pay for the shipping and duties to get to canada. If anyone is unhappy with their medium tees or sweatshirts let me know.
I don't think that's correct, but I might be wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: