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I don't mind it. Definitely not the same slim aesthetic as before, but I appreciate that they aren't trying to recreate the old BoO.
I disagree. Wouldn't touch them w a ten foot pole. They look like something that football Dads would wear with an under armour puffer jacket and skull cap.
I think you need to have to opted-in to that return program before the fact. Maybe I'm wrong though.
Ya the guy that picked up the phone for my call was extremely chill and helpful. I get the feeling that they are just really laid back over there and don't realize how antsy 'muricans can get over material possessions (especially material possessions that are on sale). 
Wonder what size of Zespas Montrose sent out, because when I talked to the guy on the phone he said they didn't even have full UK sizes like they list in the drop down menu (i.e. 7,8,9). Said all the UK sizes on the boxes were half sizes.
When's Opumo opening up shop again? March?
I used it...granted that was like 4 yrs ago.
I would agree. Mine are the core midweight slims.
It's worth noting that the heavyweight sweats are some arctic grade stuff. I have midweight gear and I can't even wear it to the gym, because it's just too thick.Edit: I'm fully aware that my comment is an easy target for a "that's what she said" joke.
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