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Club Monaco slim fit and New England Shirt co. Naked and famous are good too, but they are much more rigid than a boo and the button holes seem sloppy to me.Id also add brooks bros black fleece, but they are defunct as well so that doesn't help haha.
Ya that fabric is so gross. Sometimes a fabric is unique because no one else has thought to try it, and sometimes it's unique because no one else wanted to try it. This falls into the latter category.
Random question, but what's the most expensive sneaker on the market right now (at retail)? Rick Owens python leather geobasket?
Haha go to the JE affiliate thread and scroll back a few pages and you'll find an opinion that is the complete opposite of yours.
Just wait until the Jordan "wheat" come out.
I got the same ones and I've only worn them about twice. Loosen up the laces and use a shoe horn initially haha. After a while they are much easier to get on. As far as the looks, I personally think they look better with the white laces and waayy better when aged a bit with the white laces.I have my fair share of baller sneakers, and if the second pic underwhelms you I'm not really sure what to say haha. Having said that, if you wear them all tight like they are straight...
If any Vancouver folks hit up the Haven warehouse sale early today will you please post about how it is? Trying to decide whether it's worth my time going over there and standing in line. Mostly interested in wings/RC stuff, but I feel it'll largely be a lot of their old wtaps, sophnet and EG.
[quote name="Jackbb" url="/t/343980/john-elliott-official-affiliate-thread/21720#post_8568814" i know the villain is a slim fit, but absolutely hate hoodies which are too slim [/quote] I have similar stats, and your size is likely a small. It's intended to be a slim fit, so maybe just don't buy the hoodie. Thats really all I can say haha.
Will leather panel tank come in white in next collection? TIA. 
Sometimes retailers put a time constraint on it to prevent stacking when they mark things down, i.e. they might stop giving out 10% sign up 2 days before they run their sale. Not saying that's the case here, but there's often a justification.
New Posts  All Forums: