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Only pay 80% of the original price > only get 80% of the coupon hahaMy only justification
That's pretty dope. Nice to see that JE has stayed grounded and still connects with fans in a meaningful way despite the fact that they have recently exploded and could just as easily not do this kind of stuff. 
Haha no. He exposed a certain demographic to these styles, many of whom had been content with Stussy plush hoodies and box-fit t-shirts prior to.
I fully agree. However, since you made the effort to point out all the exclusions and also what IS included in the sale, it would have been worth mentioning that they are discounting Canada Goose jackets by 25% - a brand that hardly ever gets discounted.
So I guess you missed Canada Goose.
Saw the whole gauze get-up today at Holt Renfrew (kake and swears). So gross. Would not wear if it was gifted to me.
Got forbid they lose some of the markup they are making on Adidas sneakers.
I personally liked the high armholes. Maybe slightly less comfortable, but the aesthetic is much sharper. Same can be said of the older grant fit suits with the slimmer fit in comparison to this "new grant fit". Club used to fill the void of decent quality, slim-cut clothing, but it's been moving away from that as of late to please the average consumer. In my opionion, there's already plenty of "made for america" fits to be had at the gap and BR.
I'm looking for this exact colour, size and style. Located in British Columbia, Canada. Thank you!  
Lol. No.
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