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Wouldn't exactly call it an "elaborate scheme". Also, If you reflect on the type of financial situation/state of mind you'd have to be in before getting into the fragrance resale game, I think you'd agree that they are sad people and it's ok to let them win this one.
Hold the phone everyone!! Is that long blonde hair JE model the same du from the Selena Gomez "hands to myself" vid???
I recently tried on the kake and I love the oversized fit and the look of the thing, but I wish it was longer. I get that you're supposed to layer under in order to achieve the full "JE look", but I don't like the idea that I always have to be wearing some long layering tee  under in order for it to work. I wish there was something like an oversized Baseline out there. 
What grey sweatshirt thingy?
For those with Hender Schemes...how do you care for the leather? Any special cream I should put on em to keep them from drying up? Also, I'm a little concerned if I get caught in the rain one day (or the ground is wet following the rain) that wet pavement might seriously mash up that sole. Would it be ridiculous to put a topy on the heal and toe?
True Religion Ricky Pyramid studded? 
I agree. I think j crew sales can be nixed from this thread. That's what separates it from rfmf.
Stan! Did I use it right??
haha me too! and then when i came across the definition i giggled to myself and was like "yea i guess he is a bit of a stan".
I wouldn't bet my grandmothers pearls on the conspiracy that they were heavily influenced by wings and horns...however, the flannel did remind me of the old maroon/black wings and horns flannel.
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