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Ain't no Park & Bond final clearance, that's for sure.
Can anyone identify this Montblanc wallet. I got it as a gift from my step Dad. He never used it, but didn't have the box or anything.  
Ya ike you done goofed this thread up.
Ya...the Brexit preparation makes no sense, unless you are limited to buying from End Clothing and other UK retailers. Even then, I'm not sure if it would make sense to buy up their entire stock of goods to mitigate the effects of a Brexit apocolypse., brb gonna go solve the problem w some nano protector
^ nice pants. It's goin down, I'm yellin timberrr!
What? Where do you want a leather bag to be made? I'm confused. Edit: I just noticed how it says "made in Italy" haha. Ya that's bad. Boy I'm glad I bought my black leather one. Just has the gold numbering on it, which I don't mind. Can even scrape it off if I so choose in the future.
Happy I live in a rainy city so I don't have to envy this new backpack
I have a skype account that I use almost exclusively for calling international clothing retailers haha.
I'm not sure if this is truth. For some reason I think that a language barrier/difference in interpretation might be at play haha. I've seen "Final Sale" promotions from EU retailers before when they truly meant to communicate that it was "Final Reductions". 
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