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Those blanc and noir sneakers?
Sale prices seem pretty good for Canadians. But given that commentary I probably won't "F width" these guys unless there are more drops.
Some ok deals to be had at Notre. Not sure how recent this sale is.
I wear the same in both Achilles and the Chelsea, and I can't imagine sizing up or down in either. Sizing discussions are only so helpful. Everyone's foot is different.
Up for sale are my Alden 405 "Original Indy Work Boots" in Brown size 8.5D.  I wore these about 5 times, never in the snow or rain, and aside from some light scuffing they have been absolutely babied and are pretty close to new (I mean look at those soles!). I would even wipe them down with a cloth after each wear and put them in a dust bag. Note that I usually take a size 9.5, but I sized down to 8.5 on the Tru-Balance Comfort Last.  The same shoes can be seen here,...
Haha I don't know if insolvency law ranks small claims judgments above secured creditors. Maybe there's an exception for SF members.
I'm still a big fan of MIJ stuff. I've never had a piece that didn't last me long past it's due date. I have some nonnative goretex sneakers that look like chuck high tops that I have been wearing for 6 yrs, about 4x/week. Still in amazing shape. I think the suede variation they made this year is made in Italy.
Isn't the value-added with these "Japanese lines" typically that they are: 1) made in Japan with superior materials and craftsmanship; and 2) often more tailored/fashion forward (though this aspect really depends on the aesthetic that the brand is going for)? This Columbia stuff is made in China. I'm not sold.
hah ya probably just this. From a strictly cost-based perspective, if they're shipping via Canada Post or something and don't get a flat rate, they probably think the revenue gained via that customer incentive doesn't absorb the extra costs. I've seen it before. Nomad does this too.
Not a fan of this one, but I would bathe in labdanum.
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