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Good luck...buy a good quality suit.  Your career is worth it.  
Another option is to look for a good quality suit in your size on eBay.  A few alterations and you're set.  Some risk sure, but quality is worth the price.   However, if i were you, I'd go ahead and get the BB suit.  It fits and the quality is sufficient.    If you go any cheaper, it will show.   Here's the question you need to ask yourself: what is the investment in my new career worth?    Hint: it's not "discount" or "on sale"   In other words:...
www.ledbury.com   High quality fabrics, great quality, great selection, great fit.    I am just about your height/weight.  Their slim fit is spot on for me.   For business, white, blue, and light grey are staples.  Conservative stripes are good as well.  If you venture into checks, you're starting to introduce less formality.  Not out of bounds, but I'd stick with graph checks or subdued Tattersalls..Gingham would be too much.   Given your skin color,...
I've experienced no quality issues with AE shoes and I have several pairs.  They fit me well, wear well, and look great.  
You can wear the khaki linen suit, but it--and you--would be totally out of place at your prom.  If you really want to stand out in the best possible way (especially as compared to your friends who will be wearing every manner of loud, ill-fitting tuxes, here's what I suggest:   1.  Get yourself set up in a classic black tux, think Sean Connery as James Bond kind of black tux 2.  Peaked lapel one-button jacket 3.  Black flat front pants with satin stripe on the...
They're great shoes.  You made a good purchase.  Wear them well.  
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