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Gingham is an informal fabric so you really want to think about whether you want to wear that to a wedding.  Same with the white bucs.   Here's another recommendation that will fit the occasion in a dashing way: - Brown dress shoes - Brown dress belt - White dress shirt - Brooks Brothers Twin Frame navy/yellow/light blue stripe tie.  http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Twin-Frame-Stripe-Tie/MA01149,default,pd.html?dwvar_MA01149_Color=PNK2&contentpos=2 - The...
Two thumbs up from me.  100% American made, great fabrics, quality construction, can be made to custom specs, outstanding customer service.     
OK, high school freshman class.  Nice dinner.  You want to look good.   Here are some solid options: 1.  Grey suit ensemble as mentioned above. 2.  Everything the same except a navy suit. 3.  Everything the same except navy sport coat and grey dress slacks.   Either way ditch the navy shirt/tie and black pants.  
This combination is way out of the ordinary for classic menswear and is not formal at all.  So whatever anyone recommends won't pull the dark blue shirt and navy/black tie into something classic...ever, especially without a jacket that matches your pants (in other words a suit).  At best, what you'll get is a coordinated semi-dressy fashion-forward outfit that's still not appropriate for a formal dinner (and by formal I'm assuming black tie tuxedo).   So to do this...
My recommendation:  Take a pass on this one.  Get something that aligns with your size/proportions.    You will look much snazzier that way.  
Negative.  Black is a non-starter for a work suit.   Go with solid navy blue or mid/dark grey.  These have been the standard colors for work suits for decades.   And Alfani?  Take a pass.  At the very least wait for a sale at a major Department store and buy something of better quality.  
Well said Archibald L.  I agree with you fully!  
I use HKT (Hong Kong Tailor) in Atlanta.  Also, Kent Wang does a very nice suit.  Both have strong selections of well made fabrics.   Quality does generally mean $$$$$, especially when you're talking Savile Row or even off-Savile row tailors and major New York tailors.    But with the two sources above you're talking $$-$$$ rather than $$$$$ and the suits fit marvelously and look great.   Again, my experience--and I've been at this for years--is that custom...
If you can afford $1K+, you would be better off finding an tailor either online or in your area and have one custom made to fit you perfectly with cloth that you choose.    I've been down the STP route and once I discovered MTM and custom, I will never go back.   On the other hand, if you don't want to do this, Isaia is a first-rate off-the-rack suit...it would be a solid choice as far as that goes.  However, bear in mind that these suits are more closely fitted...
Although Fox gets the nod for being the "best" flannel out there.  Nonetheless, Harrison's is a very good choice. They have some options on ebay for reasonable prices that may fit the bill for you.  Also, you can give them a call, the staff is super to work with. 
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