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This gunclub is the first piece I purchased after joining the LL cloth club a few years ago. One of my go-to jackets in colder months. Comfortable as all get out. The blue windowpane balances well IMO. Get nothing but positive comments from people on it.
Yes, I think the Berkaloo will work with a grey pique suit, especially if it's on the medium to dark side of grey. I tested out the tie on a couple of my grey suits, what's interesting to me is how the Berkaloo transforms them into something more casual, yet still refined. I concluded that it's the combination of the pattern, the color, and the soft cashmere fabric that does that. Very happy with the purchase.
Received my first Yellow Hook purchase in the mail today: the stunning Berkaloo along with a nice hand written note from Rob. Really, really nice tie and practically one of a kind.    It warms my heart to know that family-run, entrepreneurial, craft-based businesses are still alive and well. You've got a great rep here on SF Rob and a loyal following already...I predict nothing but continued success.   Look forward to your next collection.
Yes, interested. Prefer summer gun club (e.g. beige ground w/tan, brown, light blue, royal blue, light navy, light grey) and shepherd's check (e.g. blue/white, blue/cream) in wool/linen and/or silk/linen
Thanks for taking the time to read it Willin.  I look forward to doing more of them at time goes on. 
I appreciate you taking the time to look for a reference.  I am impressed with anyone who reads a 700-page book on the Boer War not once, but twice.  :>)   I have included the story in the article.  Thanks again for sharing it.   Best,   Joe
Thanks for taking the time to read the piece..glad you enjoyed it.   I didn't know that the Boers wore ironic situation for sure.  If you don't mind I'll add this to the article.   ...w/regard to Harris Tweed quality, I can't attest to whether it has improved or not. The quality coming out of the smaller mills is said to be good.  That said, I'd be interested to know myself.   For my part, I go with tweeds developed through the London Lounge which...
I wrote this post, my first for Gentleman’s Gazette, in collaboration with Raphael Schneider, who runs the site.  I am quite confident you'll come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of tweed after you read it.   The post is hefty and is chock full of text, photos, links, and videos conceived to provide you with a comprehensive education on tweed and how to wear it in a classic...
Glad you enjoyed it Makoto...  
Part 2 of my Jon Green interview is published:   There's a nice video of Jon in his shop that gives you an idea of what he does, then he proceeds to describe his bespoke process and what to look for when selecting a tailor.   Enjoy!   Joe
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