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I'm obsessed with the sea washed denim project jacket. Unfortunately I'd need a size 36, which is sold out. Any chance of a restock? Or if anyone has one lying around, hit me up!
I'm about to order my 2nd shirt from Luxire, and I hope someone can help me out a bit with measurements. Except from obvious differences like sleeve length, collar etc, I am a little unsure about the measurments concerning the fullness of the shirt in the back/front. My first shirt is too tight in the front, but has a little too much excess fabric in the back. What measurements should I alter then, or should I specify something custom?
I'm selling these brand new suede chukkas with original box, shoe trees and shoe bags included. They unfortunately didn't fit me, no matter how much I wanted them to, so I hope someone out there can enjoy them more than I got to do. They have swiftly been worn twice (an hour all together, or so), but are in a like-new condition. These are som sexy beasts, and are by far the best-looking chukkas I have ever encountered. The color, snuff, is also very versatile (if my pics...
I think I asked this before, but don't think I really got an answer. Are there any recommendable tailors in SoHo or nearby areas? I'm just looking for someone to hem some pants for me.
Would it be reasonable to sell a pair of the Alden unlined chukkas (including shoe trees and shipping) for $500? They are brand new, barely worn twice to find out they weren't a fit for me.
Does anyone know how long the wait is for tailoring suits at the NY store? If I want the suit ready for next friday, would popping by on monday be sufficient?
  Thanks a lot for the reply. My problem is however not in the sizing as I see it. The shoes fit quite good on the "foot" part, it's just my ankle that got weary - I don't think sizing up or down would solve this issue without making the size be a little off on the foot. I went TTS btw. I will give the shoes a new chance tomorrow - then with slightly thicker socks and blister cushions to see if I can break them in a bit. I bought the shoes in-store at Leffot, so I will...
So, I bought my first pair of Alden shoes today; the unlined chukkas on the Leydon last. While they seem to fit my foot properly, afeter only walking for a few minutes I noticed how they dug into my ankles. After a 30 minutes or so quite irritating walk I ended up with small blisters on both my ankles. I wore quite thin socks, but not ultra-thin. How long should these shoes take to break in? Any tips here? Or should I just consider not wearing them and hope for a return?
What collar would people use on a summer linen shirt (not to be used with a tie)? I don't wanna go for the button-down.
Some new pics that hopefully will suffice better than the ones from my previous post. Still pretty bad, I know, but I blame the camera and 3 lightbulbs that are broken.           From my previous post: "I am completely new to tailoring, and also somewhat fresh to the odd jackets game. Anyhow, I snapped a L.B.M. 1911 sportscoat at 25% off at Bloomingdale's, which I now believe was done in too much of a rush. Any suggestions on this fit? Will it...
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