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Hello, I have a brand new pair of factory firsts Alled Edmonds walnut Strand in size 13D. Im letting them go for a discounted price of $250 Shipped CONUS. These go for $335 + tax in stores, so you are getting a significant discount here. I would however prefer a trade if you have anything in size 13D or size 46l suits 17 shirts 40 waist pants.   Thanks
The shirts just arrived today and they are beautiful, I'm extremely pleased with this super quick transaction. Michael is a great seller I will be back for more.
thanks. Any idea how old this style is? I assume about 5-10 yrs old.
Thanks for your input. It does look good to me as well, I've compared it to several other suits and all the fine details seem to be there. Now the only problem is the pants are kinda small, I'm hoping my tailor can get another 2"+ out from the reserve. I really need to lose some weight.
some more pics. excuse the dust and lint, my cat's fur got all over it                
What are the pointers for authenticating a Brioni suit? Stitching, collar, labels?   thanks
Picked this up on the bay. The color is dark navy blue but my photos dont show it. I compared it to some known authentics and known fakes and this looks to be ok in my opinion. The buttons look hand stitched, the collar looks well made, the fabric is Not fused, the quality is slightly better than my Canali exclusive collection jacket. The only thing throwing me off is the pants. They do not have any mention of Brioni, and have no tags other than a small size...
Please PM me if you have one for sale. Regular Cuffs only (not french)   Thank you
Hello, I'm looking for a shirt suitable for an interview so it should be a solid white or light blue with regular cuffs (no french cuffs)   would really prefer one of the better Italian or English brands (Brooks Brothers is fine too). Used is fine, So long as there are no rips or stains.   Thank you very much.   Please message me if you have something at a fair price.
I'm Looking to buy a gently used but modern Zegna, Canali, or a Brioni suit (with pants) in US size 46L.   Color: Navy, Gray, Black 2 or 3 button, Single breasted, single or double vented.   Please message me if you have one for sale along with your asking price. Thanks
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