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Quote: Can someone explaine the "reverse crescent shape" found on some collars (like Jantzen shirts) but not on others (like H&K and T&A)? For example, this has the cresecent shape: ... and this doesn't: I think you wind up with the "reverse crescent shape" collar when you have longish collar points with a relatively short collar height.  In order to get the long collar points, the shirtmaker needs to have the collar get progressively longer as...
I propose that we ignore Mr. Dug's comments until he learns to behave like a gentleman. There is no place for this kind of immaturity on this forum.
Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. If you like the look--and, more importantly, if she likes it--then go for it. Yes, it probably will look dated, but who cares? I love looking at my parents' and relatives' wedding photos from the '60s and '70s. Of course those white tuxes with the ruffled shirts and big collars look ridiculous, but damn it, those people had style. And face it, your kids are going to laugh at you anyway, so this is just giving them one more reason.
Quote: how are their shirts cut? Full, slim? They are full, but not as full as Pink shirts.  They also sell a handful of slim fit shirts, which fit really nicely.  Too bad they don't make more of them.  Of course, a good tailor can always take the sides in for you.
[/quote]i ordered a trial shirt from hemrajani and was unpleased with both construction and fit. i wouldn't consider them for a suit.[quote] This is disappointing, since I have a shirt on order from him.  What were the problems with the construction and fit of the shirt, and did you try complaining and making them redo it?
Great topic. What type of complexion/coloring works best with a pink shirt? To my eye, pale pink looks fine on anyone other than someone with a reddish or orange complexion. (Somehow, that combination of orange and pink is too reminiscent of a Dunkin Donuts sign for my taste.) It looks particularly flattering on men with darker skin, but it also works on us "pinko-grey" Caucasians.
Thanks for the advice, guys. In the end, all it took was reducing the size of the shoulder pads. The suit looks and feels ten times better.
I think Houston put the same post on AskAndy and got the opposite response of Matador's.  The view there was that he should grab the Oxxford and have a tailor shape it to his body.  This raises an interesting question:  How much can a tailor do to change the basic silhouette of a suit?  I think there are limits to what even the best tailor can do.
I was hoping you guys could help me out here. I have this Hickey Freeman suit that I've never been quite happy with because I think the shoulder pads are just too big. The jacket basically fits me well in the shoulders, but the padding protrudes much farther than I feel it should. Could I have a tailor either remove the shoulder pads or substitute smaller pads, without otherwise messing up the fit of the suit? If there's any risk to doing this, I'd rather just live with it.
Doesn't it also depend on the height of the collar on the shirt you are wearing? I'd think a lot more collar is going to show if you're wearing an English collar, with a height of 1-3/4" or more.
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