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Post 'em if you got 'em. I've run all of the resources I know dry in my search. Here's the shirt:
+1 on the wingtip. That would look brilliant in ruby!
Thanks for the help guys, I've decided to get the burgundy sharps for reason of this belt I think they would pop it perfectly. Also, Arethusa, what sort of clubs have you been going to?  
The one where coldcava told him not to wear it with a tie? Also i think black wingtip balmorals, dark purple argyle socks, a black belt and a tan suit would be an appropriate way to wear this in a something-more-than-casual style.  
Does anyone here know how to tie one? I'm looking for a way to throw color into an outfit without going so formal as a standard or bow tie; and while watching an episode of Firefly I noticed Nathan Fillion's ribbon tie: While scouring the internet for information on this style i discovered that this tie is known as a Kentucky Gentleman. Now finding a ribbon for this is easy enough, but i have...
The same colors as the shirt generally, with a less powerful purple and (maybe) a light gray instead of white, subdued pattern paisley tie. Something like this:   But with a purple instead of a blue. It might be hard to find but it will be well worth the wait and the catch. Good luck sir.
Hey everyone, I'm new here, I'm 21 and live in Portland, OR. I don't have much money, but wearing nice clothes and enjoying nice drinks in the company of nice people is one of the nicest things in life. I am mostly familiar with my personal sense of style already so consequentially, I am mostly interested in scouring for information on clothes I can't inspect in person. I don't like moustaches without beards, white wine, or baggy slacks. Anyone can power clash if they...
I live in Portland, OR and I am looking for a stylish walking boot, something i can wear casually, to a club, or to work. I have been looking at the Grenson Sharp/Alfred (alfred is sharp in black, dunno why they changed the name) and the Crockett and Jones Northcote, and i am wondering mostly about wear quality. I know neither of these are Alden Shells, and I am not expecting these to last several decades, just wondering how long will these last, 3 years? 5? 10? and what...
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