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Doing some closet cleaning - two suits that I never got the chance to really wear, seeking a buyer that would actually put them to good use. Please note, there are no returns.   Tom Ford 3 Piece - Grey in size 40R/50R | Brand New | Unfinished Cuffs and Trousers | Asking for 1300 Shipped CAN/US.   Bought this off a fellow SF-er never got the chance to put it to use.   The trousers are tagged 50L but was told that they fit like a 50R.   Measurements - Laid Flat and...
any update :D?
  There's a whole thread about them - generally it seems they are a hit or miss especially in terms of getting the suit to the measured specs       Does anyone have a suggestion to which tailor I can bring my suit to alter? I was thinking of trying blair shapera.. anyone got experience with him?
Hi All,   I've been wanting to have the pockets and crotch lining of my Tom Ford trousers replaced. Was wondering if anyone could recommend me a tailor that could do a seamless job (i.e. replace the pockets and lining in the same fabric and in similar handwork).   Thanks!
I live in Vancouver, BC so I would essentially be looking to send the suit to a tailor that could get the job done well (as I am in Canada)   thanks for the replies!
hello fellow sf'ers   was wondering if anyone has recommendations on a tailor that would do alterations like replacing crotch lining and pockets on my tom ford trousers..     i checked with the local tom ford stores and they said they don't do such alterations....     would be nice to hear from fellow sf'ers who could do such task and i am willing to send them anywhere to have them modified   i know about withoutatrace and french american but only to...
looking for tom ford 3 piece suit in size 50r - prefer it to be grey. will pay 2200-2500 
is this going to come through?
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