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These are completely new, factory second Red Wing Beckmans 4579 in the "Gaucho" color. Although they are factory seconds, they look perfectly normal. There is one area where the leather seems to have minor scratching (can be seen in the last photo), but it is practically unnoticeable in person and with normal wear on the leather, would blend in with the rest of the shoe. I would be keeping these and wearing them if they fit me...
Inspired by those full-grain leather belt guides... my girlfriend and I made our own full-grain leather bracelets.   From     \   To     Was a fun project. Recorded the full process for anybody else who'd be interested at http://classychap.com/do-it-yourself-full-grain-leather-bracelet/
Hey guys - just wondering if any of you have ever taken some full-grain natty leather and crafted your own products. I recently read some guides on making belts/lanyards out of leather strips from Tandy Leather, which inspired me to create leather bracelets with my girlfriend.    Went from this     To this     Was a really fun project actually. I'd like to know if you guys have done anything similar?   My full article on the DIY can be found...
Newbie question here - what exactly is the APC Madras denim line they have on sale at Urban Outfitters? I picked a pair up as my first pair of raw denim jeans - they were $15 so might as well.   Just wondering - are these jeans sanforized? And I'm assuming they're raw because the UO site says 'lightweight seasonal raw denim'. Thanks for any help
Hey all - a bit of a rookie at thrifting. Have only been a couple times. Went today with the girl to specifically hunt for shoes or blazers.    Ended up finding these. Got them for $45. Can anyone help me verify them?               Salvatore Ferragamo. They said that they had just been brought in today so I got pretty lucky. Any help is appreciated :)   EDIT: look exceptionally like http://snag.gy/XQIr1.jpg
Complete raw denim noob here - I've got a pair of tough Naked&Famous jeans. I've heard they stretch, but I can't even get the bottom of the buttons on. Are these hopeless? Or is there some kind of method to stretch them out?
I really, really, really don't want to advertise on here in fear of getting banned but the site I recently created is honestly perfect for you....   I'm a fellow student myself operating on a tight budget so I save whenever I can with sales.   You also clearly need a few pointers (shirt too baggy, don't wear an undershirt, etc.) and I have articles up as well.   Check out www.classychap.com   (If this is against the rules, mods can you please just delete...
The classified section? Sorry, new here 
Don't know if this is you guys' style but GAP is selling some 8" inseam chino shorts for $13 and $15. Great prices for shorts.   Urban Outfitters Stock Up Sale ends today I believe.   I post up all the sales I find on my recently created website www.classychap.com so feel free to check that out for other sales. Would also appreciate any critique/commentary on the site (I'm new to web design). (If this is against the rules, someone PM me or let me know and I'll be...
I've got some size 31 Kevlar Denim jeans for sale up on eBay. They fit a bit smaller than their size - I'd like to get rid of 'em so I can pick up a bigger size.   Here's the eBay link if you'd like to check them out http://www.ebay.com/itm/160849141538?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_5098wt_1602
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