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I apologize if this has been answered previously, but the Neiman Marcus Ultimate Indulgence package seems like a significant savings.  Is there any option to get a commensurate discount, substituting the felted pant hangers for trouser clips? 
Well to be fair each suit came with two pants, so knock about US 200 off that ticket for a two piece suit. I also had a linen two piece suit made from their house fabric that ran me about US 700. Stiva, do you know what GY charges for CMT?
I'd imagine there is also a superior premium for GY work? FWIW I'm quite satisfied with the VBC suits + extra pants I received from Peter Lee (~1100US).  I noticed the pick stitching on one suit was far less subtle than the other two, perhaps different tailors. I'm not a fit or style connoisseur, nor am I ready to pay the price to become one, but just having fully canvassed suits fit to my specifications makes me better dressed than 9/10 similarly situated to me.  I...
Are the VBC Spring Summer Classics 2x1 or 2x2? JLibourel: could you comment on the fabric selection of your blazers? Did you get a VBC hopsack?
Longtime lurker first time poster. Thinking about taking advantage of groupon for their mtm 130s Loro Piana 2 piece at 800 (900 for full canvas). Anyone have experience with this company? I believe they are from Salt Lake City and have a new operation in San Francisco. Thanks
does anyone have that picture?
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