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Bill...uhhh F., what type of cloth are those trousers...what is the weight...and what is its color...looks like sky blue with a hint of grey?
Caught a snapshot of the wife raiding the fridge one night and figured it would work great as my avatar (or I snaked it from some Japanese site)
I slight detour from this thread...but if this is your fitting for a Despos suit...it looks great
This is a bespoke shoe and the coloring was a patina experiment and does not exist for their RTW/MTO linePerhaps in 2012 a Deco Brown just like it will be added...but it will only be available as a Deco exclusive color
I thought he tried that tailor up in the North of England...but a previous thread outlined how there was not a meeting of the minds.
The first shoe on the 888 last should look really nice considering most longwings I've viewed were on inelegant rounded toe lasts. The longwing oxford is a different beauty altogether
Am interested in meeting up I suggest http://www.yelp.com/biz/dicarlo-los-angeles
Chizel dizzle...Fritzl you are inspiring This is my Style Forum phrase of the year
I really like the burgundy faux lacing and the medallion is uniqueJust curious...how come you opted for no leather facings on the side gussetting?
Aph999...thanks for the update. Looks like the Vass reps description details the smaller size of the K last's front end...but more importantly, your sizing comparison gives me hope that the K last is roomier and not as narrow as the U last Great pics
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