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Pengranger...that shoe exudes elegance. Way cool RJMan had Tony Gaziano (while at Edward Green) build a similar green design...but yours adds the faux lacing...which IMHO, completes it And the antiqued 3 piece shoe trees look awesome The color of the shoe tree makes me wonder is this a navy leather or black?
The wing tip design on a Hungarian Budapester style raised toe box last is a very comfortable shoe. it does not look modern like a Vass F, or G&G TG73, with a sleek rounded toe or a squared and chiseled toe But when you see it in person...its intriguing When you put it one...its roomy, comfortably wide, and just feels right (especially with my high instep) I'm glad I took the gamble and made a monk strap version in both the wing tips (budapester) and the alt wein...
They were, and I would welcome G&G to experiment replicating this as a durable patina for their MTO or Deco range
Davesmith...those bespoke grey leather brogues look awesome...but it looks more like a white shoe with lots of black and grey antiquing...and I would be concerned they could not keep that look for long...thus we haven't seen this shoe show up in their RTW/MTO line
mcobinad...your contrasting Shannons look great Have you previously owned a pair of balmoral boots...or are these your first?
Lord Londonberry (with his hands in his pockets), wears Jodphur bootsAdd some Astrakhan to the lapels and sleeve cuffs and they look even more elegant
Bill...uhhh F., what type of cloth are those trousers...what is the weight...and what is its color...looks like sky blue with a hint of grey?
Caught a snapshot of the wife raiding the fridge one night and figured it would work great as my avatar (or I snaked it from some Japanese site)
I slight detour from this thread...but if this is your fitting for a Despos suit...it looks great
This is a bespoke shoe and the coloring was a patina experiment and does not exist for their RTW/MTO linePerhaps in 2012 a Deco Brown just like it will be added...but it will only be available as a Deco exclusive color
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