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Nick and Knezz...I had forgotten about the Warwick...but I still like it without the brogueing/punching along the throat and top line...thus I had used the Kent as my base
I had them make this shoe without going bespoke the Kent model as the base and remove the medallion. Then ask for imitation brogueing and punching along the apron. I added steel eyelets and asked to remove the single stitching along the throatThis does not require a pattern change...thus it can be done via the MTO
Jerrybrowne, I commend you for experimenting with this design plus the faux lacing. The look of this leather add so much character to this shoe.What convinced you to make a rounded toe last instead of the famed "Cleverley" chiseled & squared toe?
Gorgeous wing tip monk strap design
These must be a hassle to take on and off due to the double straps
Did this maker fix these 2 pairs...and were the fixed shoes of a better fit and finish?Have you made subsequent orders with this maker...or did you move on to another company?
Nicely the Goyser stitching on the budapester...but how come you held off on doing it with the Alt Wein?
For an extra 60-100 pounds (depending on market price) Cliff got me better quality box calf leather. I noticed the difference in the way it felt and looked after some good shoe shines. Can't tell much about durability as I've had the 3 pairs of shoes for about a year.Do not hesitate to pay for better quality leather...especially for less than 100 pounds for calf leather
This was a bespoke commission for Medwards (who sadly does not post as often as he use to) Gorgeous wing tip adelaide brogue. G&G has an MTO version...but their slightly shorter winged Deco version will be a future spectator commission for me as I find this version to look elegant
Use the situation as the reason to buy a roomier sized peacoat The pictured man's trousers seem too short and too tight...and an ill fitting peacoat He looks more like the train wreck which is advertised as slim fitting One needs a roomy peacoat, for a thick sweater, or to hide other necessities, such as a concealed handgun and least in those jurisdictions where true liberty still reigns
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