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This is not accurate as to my experience with the Deco and TG73 lasts.The Deco and KN14 lasts fit different than the 4 others. Tony and Dean both told me (based on the measurements of my feet) to go 1/2 size down on the KN14.I found the Deco last to be too narrow for my feet in the toe box area (and Tony confirmed this as its design attribute)...so I use the TG73 on my Deco designs.Its the 4 others which fit the same in the toe box area. So I agree with you that an 11 in...
Last time I called him he said his trip to Los Angeles is just around the corner...and that he preferred to give me a fitting before he delivered the trousers to ensure his workmanship is better reflected in a finished and fitted product....that was back in May
Fred...I am delighted to hear that your torture is over It brings hope that my 4 pairs might one day be delivered too Did you pay him in cash...or did he accept credit card per the balance?
I found the Deco last to be the narrowest of them all...especially in the toe box area Tony and Dean have told me that the other lasts have the same room...only difference being the toe box design/shape
Well, on the burgundy shoe...you are looking at about 3 hours of wear
Contact Ron Rider at Rider boot as he knows the italian shoe manufacturing better than anyoneI had the grained leather version which use to sell in the US for retail at $670The bottom sole was unique and have never seen anyone else do it.The quality of the leather was disappointing, as it stayed as hard and uncomfortable as a rock...never adjusting/stretching to my foot.
Deco Collcut Vintage Rioja, V tip apron design with ram's head medallion. This style of shoe (just like the Deco Byron) are my best fitting non-bespoke shoes
I'm a US12 and I wear 46 euro on the U and F lasts....I tried the 45.5 on the U last and found it was too tight
Burnt orange...pumpkin...goes well. Don't forget to try a brown flannel tie too
This balmoral is beautiful...but I wouldn't not do it in a suede or different color upper. I would keep it the same throughout and add steel eyelets
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