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Clifford Roberts used my newer Springline bespoke last. Fit is excellent as I found my previous last did not fit as well on this slip on design.
I made the exact same shoe design in Deco black last year...but using the TG73 last...and have found them to be the most comfortable non-bespoke shoes that I own. Good choice S.S.
Lost plenty of weight lately...so the jacket and vest came out huge...which will be fixed before the final fitting.
Manton...as to lightweight whipcords: Smith Woolens has 11oz stuff (a gorgeous dark chocolate brown also) Holland and Sherry has 10oz stuff only, then the same book has 12oz gabardine and then 13oz cavalry twill. Some nice blues and grey/blues in this book Sadly HE Box no longer has any and Dugdale has 17oz stuff (out of your league) Salvatore Ambrosi has a Carlo Barbera book with light weight whipcords in many color (perhaps Jodek of Beverly Hills imports them?)
I am interested in this 16oz Breanish Tweed...but how is it different from the LL Best of Both Tweed made up years ago (besides the red windowpane)? If I ordinarily order 2.5 meters for my jackets...do I order the same amount...or more?
Slewfoot...just send a buzz to HE Box...they sent me out a sample of this exact cloth a few years ago I thought it was Melton wool...but instead was Cavalry Twill (I was looking for a warm cloth for a bespoke Navy Peacoat) I found this Cavalry twill cloth to be too rough for what I desired...and too dark
For my feet, its the Deco last which has the narrower toe box area compared to the GG06/DG70/MH71/TG73 (these four have the same toe box room)The design of the shoe ALSO contributes to the overall room throughout the shoe and toe box...which might explain why others report a better fit in a 1/2 size larger TG73 lasted shoe compared to a shoe with the MH71 or GG06.For example, I have the new faux laced balmoral lazyman in the TG73 in 11.5...yet have another GG lazyman shoe...
This is not accurate as to my experience with the Deco and TG73 lasts.The Deco and KN14 lasts fit different than the 4 others. Tony and Dean both told me (based on the measurements of my feet) to go 1/2 size down on the KN14.I found the Deco last to be too narrow for my feet in the toe box area (and Tony confirmed this as its design attribute)...so I use the TG73 on my Deco designs.Its the 4 others which fit the same in the toe box area. So I agree with you that an 11 in...
Last time I called him he said his trip to Los Angeles is just around the corner...and that he preferred to give me a fitting before he delivered the trousers to ensure his workmanship is better reflected in a finished and fitted product....that was back in May
Fred...I am delighted to hear that your torture is over It brings hope that my 4 pairs might one day be delivered too Did you pay him in cash...or did he accept credit card per the balance?
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