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All 3 by Clifford Roberts
The KN14 is the soft squared loafer ONLY last. Years ago Tony advised me against using it in lieu of the TG73 on a non loafer shoe. Try the MH 71 Instead.
The DB shawl lapel was a terrific idea and it looks great
G7G patina service The monk Chukha boot has the Vlad Red Both the Deco Collcut and Windsor monk straps have the dark Margaux The Deco Byron side gusset does not have the patina, but originally had Deco black below the balmoral line, so I asked them to throw a splash of red/burgundy First up is the Deco Collcut side strap monk with dark Marguax patina Second I have the Deco Collcut next to the Windsor monk...both in dark Margaux Both shoes originally started as Vintage...
They look well sized, and this single breasted version looks better than most of the double breasted varieties (which usually look the best).
Its a shame that when I visit Athens, Greece, none of my clothing sources knows of a bespoke shoe maker, and none of these Greek Cypriots managed to settle thereBut if anyone knows of any bespoke shoe makers in Athens, please send me a PM
Wurger, that is a gorgeous crescent shaped apron design, and I think brilliant on your part to blend it in with a balmoral line
Monty, beautiful bleaching on the shoes...great call on your part what was the wait period from day of order until delivery I was quoted 9 months for MTO and I got spooked as the wait time is torture?
Has anyone had any experience wearing the new 890 last? How does the 890 compare size wise to the 888 last? Anyone have any experience with the new R1 rubber sole to comment on?
You should look into G&G's Chukka monk strap boot as a more unique alternative, especially with a Wesum sole
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