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It appears he might be a transplanted Californian (of French origins), who has returned to Paris, yet spends his summers in Sicily. He has a distinct sense of style, providing a modern look while tipping his hat to classic designs and cloths from a bygone era. He controls his own forum and cloth club, and I've safely bought cloth from him for the past few years
Grammaton Cleric, thank you for your information and I look forward to learning more about how to acquire older LL/Lovat cloths (as I could use making a spare trousers on a couple of cloths) Fox does sell some 18oz flannels, but not in the combo of patterns and colors offered in the LL book, and not for double or 2.5 the price. Off Fox's web site, the single color 18oz/540gram Fox Flannels go for 92 pounds compared to 120 pounds for the LL specials. A 28 pound...
F&S, when you have a chance....please list the available designs which can be done through your new MTO program I am hoping your wing tip monk strap will be option...along with some lazyman design It is great to see an expansion of the gorgeous Fosters' designs to a client range which appreciates your bespoke shoes, but is in the price market for an MTO shoe
Am happy to see Fosters offering this new MTO line and pleased to see competitive pricing for the black fading. Will there be a chiseled and rounded last that better fits slip ons? If a client walks into the shop, will there be a sample shoe on the new rounded and chiseled last in UK 11.5E for one to try on? Will the wing tip monk and the brogued slip ons (bottom picture) made for Will be available for the MTO...
Yes NAMOR, the Vass is in the middle. G&G on the left and Clifford Roberts on the right. But I like Vass' V shaped design better as it is less pronounced than the others
Since I took this picture a while back...I can answer the followingIn US, I wear US 12D (11.5E UK) for the TG73 and find it roomy and comfortable and wear the U last in euro size 46 (but it is narrower than the TG73)
Clifford Roberts used my newer Springline bespoke last. Fit is excellent as I found my previous last did not fit as well on this slip on design.
I made the exact same shoe design in Deco black last year...but using the TG73 last...and have found them to be the most comfortable non-bespoke shoes that I own. Good choice S.S.
Lost plenty of weight lately...so the jacket and vest came out huge...which will be fixed before the final fitting.
Manton...as to lightweight whipcords: Smith Woolens has 11oz stuff (a gorgeous dark chocolate brown also) Holland and Sherry has 10oz stuff only, then the same book has 12oz gabardine and then 13oz cavalry twill. Some nice blues and grey/blues in this book Sadly HE Box no longer has any and Dugdale has 17oz stuff (out of your league) Salvatore Ambrosi has a Carlo Barbera book with light weight whipcords in many color (perhaps Jodek of Beverly Hills imports them?)
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