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Quote: Originally Posted by cdmoore1855 Did you not order a pair yet ? Not from Cleverley....950 pounds is a bit more than I am able to pay right now Besides...aren't yours bespoke? By the way, I have 2 on order with Clifford Roberts...due any day now
Quote: Originally Posted by cdmoore1855 These arrived today from Cleverleys. I passed out the moment I saw these
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I like how unconventionally conventional this is... This is nice...but do you have any White Tie evening dress tail pics?
I have both...and prefer the Herringbone
Concordia...can you please post before and after pics of the buttons Especially brace button pics...thanks in advance
Quote: Originally Posted by ShaneB That sounds very interesting, infact, I suppose that's pretty much as good as actually going to the maker himself. May I ask how much it cost you for the bespoke last? I forgot the actual amount for the bespoke last...around 225-250 pounds The lasted shoe trees come in two piece and three piece...about 78-87 pounds The sample shoe was 30 pounds plus shipping to the U.S. As Fritzl stated...fly to...
Shane...have you thought about commissioning a bespoke last through Springline in Northampton? Send the last to the maker...pay him for a sample shoe. Wear it and then go back to Springline to see what issues come up...have them maker further adjustments to the last...then send it back your shoe maker? The beauty of Springline is that they measure you and they make the last. I did this with Clifford Roberts...using Springline. Although Clifford measured me and...
Are Scotch grained Shell cordovan/crup leather more rain/snow resistant than regular shell...or scotch grain calf leather?
I am experimenting with some old cloth I found. I'm having Salvatore make the trousers...after they are ready, I will take my remaining cloth to my local bespoke tailor to make the vest and jacket...after having my tailor personally see Salvatore's work to ensure the cloth on the jacket/vest is made on the same side as the trouser
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Fitting pics: I really enjoyed the front design of your jacket and how well it fit on you Do you plan on adding any additional padding on the shoulders...given your sloped shoulders?
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