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Clifford Roberts has been busy lately: bespoke lazyman faux balmoral with faux lacing on black coffee calf I opted to try steel eyelets on the faux lacing...came out beautiful Other commission: C.R. bespoke lazyman faux full brogue black box calf
LazyBudapester: I can live without the contrast shading of calf/suede...but am unsure if I like this brouged heel counter. My commission will be on dead stock black Freudenberg box calf with a double (or possible HAF sole) and 360 degrees Goyzer stitching/welt I like how the short wing cap displays the full beauty of the rounded Budapester last
Those are longwings. These are very common business shoes for lawyers in Los Angeles.
http://www.dandystore.fr/boutique/in...leu-blanc.html When will you be getting more stock of larger sizes...12?
Price? Contact Gabor Halmos through the D&H website. I am unaware of any currently available RTW stock Contact Gabor if you plan on visiting Budapest and would like to visit the workshop...he lives in another nearby country...but travels back to his homeland often to conduct business. The dead stock Freudenberg box calf leather, on both of my monks, rivals anything I've purchased from EG, Cleverley, Vass or G&G. My next project is a Lazy budapester (sadly...
Bass301...the reason why your area does not have any of these jackets is because no place really has them Shawl collared cardigan...this you can find...but besides dinner or rare smoking jacket...THERE IS NO SHAWL COLLARED jackets out in the market. Curious...where do you live such that you have seen other men wear them and you want to wear one?
Is this informal gathering in the day or evening? If it is in the day...then the color, medium grey, and the cloth choice: flannel, is just fine...although if its a warm summer day...why flannel? For an evening gathering, medium grey is traditionally not appropriate (navy and black is)...and flannel was always frowned upon as an evening cloth. In casual evening family/friend gatherings, I found flannels best suited in the colder days of fall, winter and spring. With...
Fritzl, Marcell...and anyone else with a knowledge of the history of Central European shoe designs: Why did wing tip designs become associated with Budapest...while semi-brogue aprons (Alt Wien) were associated with Austria-Vienna?
www.gorina.es Might have such a flannel....in the 420-450gram range contact person Ann Duran: duran at gorina.es Dormeuil's ICE book might have such a grey too...although its over double what Gorina asked for
Quote: Originally Posted by meister You bought this on a bet right? World's ugliest monk by far IMO Meister...thank you for your kind words of appreciation Fritzl said it well...double monks are the ugliest out there I love this monk and am glad I stayed away from the Goyser stitching Meister, in case you were wondering, I have a black calf wing tip version of this same monk...and its the most comfortable monk I own. Its not...
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