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More....more Thanks for having the courage not only to try it...but post it here
Any pictures of Obama's evening dress tails...white tie?
I was assigned to a female Judge for 2.5 years who primarily wore blue jeans, t-shirt and sneakers underneath her rob At felony preliminary hearings, she allowed the undercover detectives and narco sheriffs to testify wearing t-shirts, flip flops & shorts The fact that the pictured men in the OP's post actually wore buttoned shirts...and one wore a tie...but no jacket...is a miracle in of itself as most young men do not own a suit...let alone a business jacket. ...
Demeter & Halmos: Alt Wein (semi-brogue apron) monk, Budapester style raised toe box last, dead stock Freudenberg burgundy box calf leather.
My Demter & Halmos creations so far: http://www.demeter-halmos.com/ Alt Wein monk on dead stock Freudenberg Burgundy box calf with Budapester style last: Budapester (wing tip) monk on dead stock Freudenberg Black box calf with Budapester last Mid-brown/orange suede wing tip monk on a squared a chiseled last
Instead of both...I would suggest you consider the Old English II...on the U last...but add a medallion. You can also remove the V tip apron design
In the long term, I have found Breschiani's 80/20 and 75/25 cotton and wool blends to be the most durable. The 100% stuff of both wool and cotton are good...but not as durable...but they feel nicer A Suitable Wardrobe is my first stop: http://store.asuitablewardrobe.net/hosiery.aspx www.dandystore.fr www.customshirt1.com (good selection of Marcoliani socks also) www.howardyount.com (Marcoliani socks) Side note: I tried Viccel. Nice colors for their wools...but they...
I have long legs and wear US size 12. Marcoliani's cotton over the calf socks are hit and miss as to height and stay up power
Just made up a lightweight 370gram air force blue gabardine wool suit from Gorina, Spain. Reminds me a lot of its cousin Whipcord. Sadly heavier garbardine is not made
http://www.bownsbespoke.com/jamestaylorson.html If you use orthotics...try James Taylor.
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