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Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha [IMG] I thought G&G doesn't do Goyser stitching...is this Faux goyser?
Cravate Noire; Don't 2nd guess yourself. This is one of the costs of a special commission...the wait, which results in wanting to tweak the design, color, or details. I'm sure you really thought out your order and you should stick with it. You can always order another shoe with your newer thoughts in mind. You need to have a few extra shoes for you to know what you like and don't like it. It does become costly and a shame when some of my previous commissions are...
The blue blanc...its gorgeous This is the one I hope you restock in size 12
Manton...have you finally cleared out your unfunded liabilities?
I have personally reviewed a number of Dugsdale samples which I hoped were flannels...but were worsted Their whipcords are well made
Please don't do it...it looks inelegant
Mafoofan...I enjoyed the latest thread and the pictures Have you considered sampling some other flavor of Naples finest tailors...perhaps one's in a lower price range to see if the value of Rubinacci is worth it? Or do you feel given the fine quality of work...and ability to communicate effectively in English...that there is no need to try anyone else?
Nice brogueing design on a well shaped last.
Just make sure the boot fits well
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo That lazyman lacing works. How does it feel on the foot? You don't even feel the lacing Mr. Moo...the Rosewood County Calf...does it have any brown hues in the color...or is it a a lighter red burgundy?
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