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The lazyman shoes looks great and I'll give the double monk a closer look when Tony comes to town
Ask Chan if they have an account with Gorina in Spain. For odd flannel winter trousers...I would go for 500-520gram wieght (17-17.5oz) For my tastes, 12oz is more lightweight flannel for late summer, early fall, spring. I always go heavier for the trousers as I can tolerate the heavier weights better than heavy stuff for my jacket/vests...especially for Washington D.C. winters
How do you like the double sole on your brogues?
I've noticed Fosters makes a semi-brogue (Will has it) and wing tip version (Dopey has it) and now Cleverly has the same version as Will's via their Anthony Cleverly range...but the Tuczek version is elegant
Is there a faux alligator (calf leather) alternative which G&G could use on this double monk?
I liked the curvature of the U shaped Adelaide throat on this one...but you forgot the steel eyelets When will you up your game to the next level and try a side gussetted lazyman design?
woe is me, : The medallion was a wise choice on your double monks and I might just go this route too
I've ordered a Deco lazyman with the bottom in Deco black and black pigskin above the balmoral line...am expecting it by Halloween
Comparison picture: (left) G&G TG73 squared & chiseled last....(middle) Vass U last....(right) Clifford Roberts squared last Sorry...no comparison of various Vass lasts together Notice how the middle Vass U last is narrower in the toe box area...between all 3 lasts...the Vass fits a bit narrower than the others
Adding steel eyelets would be my suggestion....shoe looks fantastic....great Adelaide design
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