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woe is me, : The medallion was a wise choice on your double monks and I might just go this route too
I've ordered a Deco lazyman with the bottom in Deco black and black pigskin above the balmoral line...am expecting it by Halloween
Comparison picture: (left) G&G TG73 squared & chiseled last....(middle) Vass U last....(right) Clifford Roberts squared last Sorry...no comparison of various Vass lasts together Notice how the middle Vass U last is narrower in the toe box area...between all 3 lasts...the Vass fits a bit narrower than the others
Adding steel eyelets would be my suggestion....shoe looks fantastic....great Adelaide design
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Question for bespoke shoe owners: what happens if a new bespoke shoe is uncomfortable? Does this happen? Like, if for whatever reason your little toe rubs in a similar manner to RTW shoes? Clifford Roberts made me a sample shoe for 30 pounds plus shipping. I had no issues as to fit...but I preferred the shoe to encompass more of my upper foot, just below the ankle. This 30 pound investment was great as he...
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha [IMG] I thought G&G doesn't do Goyser stitching...is this Faux goyser?
Cravate Noire; Don't 2nd guess yourself. This is one of the costs of a special commission...the wait, which results in wanting to tweak the design, color, or details. I'm sure you really thought out your order and you should stick with it. You can always order another shoe with your newer thoughts in mind. You need to have a few extra shoes for you to know what you like and don't like it. It does become costly and a shame when some of my previous commissions are...
The blue blanc...its gorgeous This is the one I hope you restock in size 12
Manton...have you finally cleared out your unfunded liabilities?
I have personally reviewed a number of Dugsdale samples which I hoped were flannels...but were worsted Their whipcords are well made
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