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Can anyone who owns both the K last and the U last discuss how they both compare as to fit? Are they identical...or is the K last a bit roomier in the toe box and tad bit wider overall?
T4, I love the crescent apron design...beautifully executed by Bestetti and well thought out by you. Did FNB or RJMan influence you to try the band aid coloring?
Malat...I have the Wigmore boot and originally got it with a single leather sole. I found it uncomfortable and opted to have them resoled with a double micro sole. When it rains, I have found the micro sole, as to walking around cement sidewalks and within buildings, to be more comfortable and cushiony than the dainite sole. It also does not stick out as much as a dainite sole and with the micro soles black/dark grey coloring, I feel it blends in better with this...
Not cheaper in price. Over 2 years ago I wanted to add a medallion for an MTO Corthay monk and I was quoted a price similar to G&G's Deco pricing
Minor adjustments are permitted, as long as a pattern change isn't required.The small single punching brogueing along the balmoral line was accommodated because it did not cause a pattern change.The original Byron design had a different material on the upper to contrast with the lower...so this design worked within those parameters.Much less the short wing tip is imitation brogueing...so a new wing tip pattern was not needed.Overall, the design was in line with the Deco...
Butler my hats off to you...this is one of the finest looking double breasted lapel vests that I have ever seen. Makes me want to loose weight and commission one myself
Love the simple design on your latest lazyman...the leather facings on the side gussets look great and the character & color of the leather really comes out nicely
Deco Byron...with black pig skin on the uppers
Deco Byron with black pigskin on the uppers...and of course faux lacing to make them perfect
Get the flannel trousers done in the 16oz for sure...you will enjoy them as odd trousers with a sweater or odd jacket way more than the blazer jacket I just had my tailor make up three 500-520gram woolen flannels (stone grey/brown, brown heather and navy) from Gorina and they feel absolutely wonderful...especially when paired with different fair isle sweaters or arran knit donegal cardigans
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