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He made this wingtip balmoral lazyman in a unique dark burgundy. He also made me this wing tip slip on in burgundy. I wanted a darker color so he re-finished them in the same dark burgundy as the balmoral wing tips. We used a 2nd Springline bespoke loafer last...and they fit better than any slip on I have ever owned. But the color is so special
Andy57 that is a beautiful suit Makes me want to adventure and commission a midnight/navy shoe to go with the navy windowpane
Clifford Roberts 2015 His communication skills are now efficiently honed to quickly respond via FB messenger or e-mail (unlike circa 2011) I pay an upcharge for bespoke quality leather. He is not a one man shoe as he works with local contacts for lasts and shoe trees via Springline, pattern making, closing the lower to the upper, and hand sewing the apron. Although he does the traditional shoes, its niche designs that I have found are his specialty. I have learned the...
Fit is solid as its a bespoke last from Springline. And the steel eyelets rock
All 3 by Clifford Roberts
The KN14 is the soft squared loafer ONLY last. Years ago Tony advised me against using it in lieu of the TG73 on a non loafer shoe. Try the MH 71 Instead.
The DB shawl lapel was a terrific idea and it looks great
G7G patina service The monk Chukha boot has the Vlad Red Both the Deco Collcut and Windsor monk straps have the dark Margaux The Deco Byron side gusset does not have the patina, but originally had Deco black below the balmoral line, so I asked them to throw a splash of red/burgundy First up is the Deco Collcut side strap monk with dark Marguax patina Second I have the Deco Collcut next to the Windsor monk...both in dark Margaux Both shoes originally started as Vintage...
They look well sized, and this single breasted version looks better than most of the double breasted varieties (which usually look the best).
Its a shame that when I visit Athens, Greece, none of my clothing sources knows of a bespoke shoe maker, and none of these Greek Cypriots managed to settle thereBut if anyone knows of any bespoke shoe makers in Athens, please send me a PM
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