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Could you post a picture of the finished jacket...I'm interested in making it too?
I own G&G MTO and G&G Deco shoes I used the TG73 last on my Deco shoes. The Deco shoes look better...I like the Deco designs of the Collcut and Byron My Deco TG73 lastes shoes fit better than my MTO TG73 shoes Even if I opt for an MTO design, I would ask...and have to pay the premium to make it on the Deco standard It creates a better looking and better fitting shoe in my experience I originally went for the Deco shoe because I liked the bleached Black shoes Fosters...
My latest Clifford Roberts lazyman shoes...sans faux lacing 1st shoe is a Mahogany blend (brown/red) calf leather 2nd shoe is a Navy calf leather No other shoe rivals the comfort of a side gusseted shoe
Cliffored Roberts Lazyman shoes...sans faux lacing 1st shoe is a winged brogue Mahogany (brown/red calf leather). The winged vang and winged apron rocks 2nd shoe is a balmoral Navy calf leather. I tried making a U shaped calf, yet the pattern maker made it this way I will not make an oxford or derby shoe again...maybe a monk, because the side gussets provide a level of comfort that nothing else can rival...besides they are easy to put on
Fit is paramount, if it fits very well...keep it this way.
Would welcome suggestions for an Italian or Irish LINEN with donegal like flecking in the 10-13oz range Looking for navy, blue, sky blue, rust, and dark browns
I found the Deco last to be a 3/4 of size longer than my MH71 and TG73 lasted shoes (and I am a UK size 12).My first Deco shoe on the Deco square last in size 12 was way too big/long compared to my TG73 or MH71 lasted MTO shoes. I had 2 fingers worth of space in the heel. I had it relasted in a 1/2 size smaller (11.5) Deco square last. Still too big. I opted to have it made on the TG73 in size 12, although the shoe is a Deco design and Deco standard built.Both of my...
I might join for a GMTO....lets see what direction it takes
Guido, I'm a fan of the TG73. A few years back, when the Deco last first came out, I ordered a pair, and found the Deco last felt narrower in the toe box, although I needed a 1/2 smaller as the Deco last appears to be larger/longer than the TG73. Dean and Tony were kind enough to complete my order by remaking the shoe in the TG73, although the Byron is a Deco class shoe. For some reason, the TG73 used on this Deco model looks way better than any other TG73 lasted shoe...
Does anyone have experience of how the Donegal tweeds from Molloy &Sons and W. Bill compare to the Donegal cloths from Ariston? Is the Ariston more of a flannel with the flecked look? Is the Ariston cloth lighter than the Irish stuff? Is there an online source to view the Ariston Donegals colors, and buy them? Thanks ahead of time.
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