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Alan Bee Unless you run cold...indoors with 65 degree A/C, shy away from the 16oz suit A less expensive alternative would be to try some trousers in the 16oz range such as cavalry twill or woolen flannel. My legs run cold so I tolerate heavier trousers better than heavier jackets and suitings. Some members who posted recently melt in 9/10oz cloths, even when the weater outside is in the low 50s. So gauge your purchases on whether you run hot ot cold If you really...
Coxsackie, hope this adventure turns out great. Am glad the tailor gave you a quick fitting
London Lounge Blue/Grey Gunclub Check
Griffyndor, it pains me to pay 120 pounds (with VAT), per meter to Lovat for their cloths, but Holland and Sherry tends to be double to triple that price. Please post a link to the H&S stuff that you feel is worth checking out. I have not seen anything this distinct from Fox (although they have a treasure trove of cloths on their Merchant Fox page available for immediate purchase). Do you have a link to comparable Porter and Harding's Glorious Twele? Chobochobo, I...
Buttoned jacket, no vest Unbuttoned jacket, no vest Lapeled vest
Chobochobo, I didn't even order the vest, the tailor surprised me at my fitting by stating he had extra cloth left over and made a lapeled vest. At a 100 euros, it was an offer I could not resist. I would not personally have asked for lapels on the vest as the cloth is dense and spongy. Kolecho, well fed men can't wear the close fitting stuff that others do, besides, I do not like to button my jackets, and prefer to wear them open with vests. I will never achieve the...
London Lounge/Lovat Big Blanket
Clifford Roberts The first shoe, I wanted the adelaide throat to remind me of a women's pear shaped back side. Clifford met my expectations, plus I've wanted a crescent shaped brogue apron for some time now. The second shoe reminded me of a D'Anunzio brogue G&G made years ago...I just imagined it as a lazyman for comfort's sake
What is the name of this Neopolitan vest maker?Does he do solo work?, or does he only do subcontract work through other tailors?
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