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Arahat...the 360 degree Goyser stiching on the burgundy long wing blucher looks elegant
sstomcat...which last did you use on the black calf ankle boot with the stitched apron?
The steel eyelets really complete the boot...good call on your part NAMOR
Do you still have a partnership with Edward Green? Am considering ordering some E.G. shoes on the 888 last, but I desire them with Foster's black fading? Is this possible?
All the Greek tailors I use make lined jackets...as was the Navy Mistral
I had the Navy blue Mistral made up a few years ago. It is not tightly woven...especially to Lesser's 16oz stuff. I can actually wear it when the weather is in the low 70s and no problem with it indoors. Due to its open weave, it does not keep me as warm as I thought it would, so its more of a late spring through fall suit for me. My tailor enjoyed working with it. I look forward to RAF Mistral
Sorry Roger C, have not dealt with Gorina for years I imagined the LL would have done more projects with them, but perhaps they are no longer available as a partner. Their prices were more competitive than Fox and I found they were of similar quality flannel.
It appears he might be a transplanted Californian (of French origins), who has returned to Paris, yet spends his summers in Sicily. He has a distinct sense of style, providing a modern look while tipping his hat to classic designs and cloths from a bygone era. He controls his own forum and cloth club, and I've safely bought cloth from him for the past few years
Grammaton Cleric, thank you for your information and I look forward to learning more about how to acquire older LL/Lovat cloths (as I could use making a spare trousers on a couple of cloths) Fox does sell some 18oz flannels, but not in the combo of patterns and colors offered in the LL book, and not for double or 2.5 the price. Off Fox's web site, the single color 18oz/540gram Fox Flannels go for 92 pounds compared to 120 pounds for the LL specials. A 28 pound...
F&S, when you have a chance....please list the available designs which can be done through your new MTO program I am hoping your wing tip monk strap will be option...along with some lazyman design It is great to see an expansion of the gorgeous Fosters' designs to a client range which appreciates your bespoke shoes, but is in the price market for an MTO shoe
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