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Dear members   I really want to buy these sneakers, but the seller does not have the shoebox nor the authenticity card, the seller says that he bought them second had and does not know if they are real.   Does anyone know if it´s possible to determine this fact, just by looking the the pictures?   I live in Sweden and the seller is outside my country.   -...
Greetings! I am glad that I found this forum, since I read so much about fakes moving around e-bay and I´m buying a Dsquaredjacket from e-bay which I hope is real. The seller has good feedback 1500 and only 1 negative. He has taken new photos very quickly, but I asked some other seller on ebay, which sells a lot of Dsquared2 goods and he says it´s fake. I hope someone in here is good in spotting fake Dsquared products, the only reference I have is the fake...
Mcarthur: I have to ask what brand of shoes are those cigar ptb I fell in love with them ;)  
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