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Item location: Malaysia   Condition: BNWT   Item:   1) Gitman Biege Cords Polka Dot 2) Gitman Teal/Green Cords Polka Dot 3) Gitman Alpine Print   Shipping: Free Worldwide Shipping with tracking   Payment method: Paypal only
 works for me mate
sold ?
I just found out that the single stitch anomaly happened because they were updating their cross-stitch machine.
Hello ! I have a quick question. I have been trying to find out what is the difference between the tag stitching but with no avail. Gitmans I own has the zig zag stitches but I recently bought one online with a straight stitch.Can someone help me out ?    http://cdn.styleforum.net/1/18/187bb521_4.jpeg   http://cdn.styleforum.net/7/7d/7d8995b4_gv-blue1.jpeg
I personally think it looks great. The shirt's pattern from afar will be just a blank piece of canvas for your tie to stand out. It is only when near that all the details present itself.      
I have been reading a lot on this thread and have not contributed. This will be my first post. I am still new to the whole thing and kindly advise if there is anything that I can improve on.   This is what I wore:    
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