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 Not really feeling this collection but Tubac Trail, Patchwork Print and Paisley is really interesting. Would want to try out their western shirts. 
 I would say that it fits like Uniqlo with a nicer cut on the body and roomier arm
 I just bought a shirt and really hope it fits :S  What about their tees ? Their sizing seems to be all over the place :(
 I'll just get a stain remover spray, spray it on the stain, give it a rub for about 10 secs then wash the shirt. I have tried dry cleaning but if it is a stubborn stain, dry cleaning won't be any different (maybe my dry cleaner sucks) from doing what I usually do with the spray. You can give dry cleaning a go and see if you like the results.
 I received my shirt and yes, the collar and sleeve placket are stiff as you mentioned. I don't think there is anything that could be done to soften it as the stiffness comes from the interfacing under the placket and collar.  Nevertheless, it is still a pretty decent shirt and I'm happy with it.
 I doubt it is difficult for a tailor to shorten the shirt. I altered my other shirt's hem and when it is done, they look the same.  Like it was mentioned, the patchwork is printed. I own one and the fabric is soft, light and really comfy. Lets air in easily and perfect for summer !As for the fit, it fits like how a GV would fit. I personally like how the shirt looks and I think it looks really nice too when worn. 
 You can visit their website and go to the MTO section. They have a selection of collars.
 The only place I have seen this is on Unionmade :(     I guess that choice of print is about being true to yourself ! Kudos ! I guess you could give the small collared GV's a try for your built !  I'll consider hitting you up with a offer for your GV in the future if it is still around. Bought a number of GV's lately and need to take it slow. 
 I think I like how the 3" collar wears because I feel it is more proportionate to my height (6'0) and my body frame which is pretty slim. My sister's boyfriend who is approx. 5'9 - 5'10 who is pretty buff wears a small collar and it looks really good on him. I guess it really boils down to what fits you. I also like the 3" because it creates volume around my neck area. Maybe because I live in a tropical country and I unbutton the first button below the neck button. With...
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