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 I've seen that too ! It does resemble the navy overdye but it isn't as dark in real life. Unfortuantely, the thing to consider about anything dyed is that it will fade overtime from washing. Some parts may fade faster (maybe because I live in a tropical country and I dry my clothes under the sun) especially around the collar and pit area which makes it awkward to wear. Buttons falling off are pretty common on shirts. Learn how to sew and you'll be fine, it's not too...
 The Japanese navy you're refering to is more like Japanese denim I suppose ? It is about as dark as a overdyed navy with shimmers of white (like how denim are). My shirt button hole unravels but usually not before washing. Could it be that your shirt was a sample because GV did have their sample sale and samples usually have odd sizes and poorer built (hence they are samples).
 Working in the industry before this, it happens to a lot of brands. Here are my 2 cents. There are a two significant factors that affect size inconsistencies and are quite common. One is fabric shrinkage.  Second is, when constructing a shirt, no two hands will measure and sew the shirt the same therefore the size inconsistency. Usually brands will allow a margin of error (depending on what the brand deem fit). e.g Let's say a brand allows a 3/4" allowance (margin of...
 They look fine to me. Your shoulder fitting looks alright to me and the length and sleeves looks great. I usually do not button the two top buttons so I do not have that X pulling effect (green circle) like you do. Go try on a size M and if sizes S & M isn't to your liking, I'd go with Peter1 and suggest you return it.
 Liberty supplies to a lot of companies and you might even find a matching tie or something    May I know where is the 41 dollars stuff ? Can't seem to find it on their website 
 I consistently wear a size S and have no problems with how they look on me. And yes, agreeing with PersilVouchers, they can be inconsistent (quite common in shirt manufacturing when you are dealing with different fabrics from different sources) but they still fit me fine.  Not overly slim, have a comfortable armhole size and enough fabric so it doesn't restrict my movements. But that is how GV fits on me, to each their own.
 I know I wouldn't too ! But if you are going to just take an inch off the hem, a local tailor will do it for far less than going to Gitman for MTO.
 It will only get better when there is free international shipping. :) In terms of fit, I have been wearing S and they all fit almost the same too and the cut fits me pretty well except, of course, the sleeves which is quite inconsistent in length but it makes no difference to me as I roll them up. Length wise, S for me isn't a problem as I stand at 6'0. I do believe they make shirts with shorter length. I own one and the bottom button to the hem of the shirts is...
Engineered Garments - Light blue pinstripe Desert Shorts Size M Worn only a handful of times - very condition Waist measure flat - 17" (plus minus)   Item is in Malaysia.   Shipping: Free Worldwide Shipping with tracking   Payment method: Paypal only
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