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Just went to AE Retail store today to get some shoe polish. The sales lady told me that the horsehair brush and daubers will increase in price starting tomorrow. So if you need any brushes better order them before midnight!
  Sorry can you elaborate on what you mean by "Alert"? Do you mean book an appointment first?   I looked on other threads on SF, seems like AC shirts are outside my price range.
Wow perfect thread since I am about to fly off to Hong Kong for a few days tomorrow.   What kind of price range for shirts should I expect for GY or PL?
I have a pair of Park Avenue bought from eBay and a pair of Strands from Nordstrom (bought through proxy), both size 8D. I find that the PA fits quite well but Strands are quite snug. The toe box of the Strands are a bit tight so much that after a full day of walking my pinky is red from rubbing.   They are done with the same last so I just assumed Strand would fit the same as PA. (I got the PA before purchasing Strands) Any idea what I can do to remedy this? The...
I'll be visiting UK next week for holiday. I'll mostly be staying in Birmingham but will spend 2 days over in London too. What are some good shops to visit for clothing? I'm looking around for a nice winter coat, something that is suitable for everyday wear (I'm usually in polo + chino) but also good for the occasional shirt+tie.   Since this is over the holidays, should I expect good XMas deals even at the pricier shops?
Thanks for the post. Too bad they don't have Manistee belt on sale. Want to get one to go with my walnut Strands.  
Any combination for light grey blazers?
Same issues here with Firefox and Chrome. Is it possible to just do a version roll back to older version which worked?
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